ObjectSecurity Partners



ObjectSecurity partners with Real Time Innovations, Inc., (RTI) The Real-Time Middleware Experts. ObjectSecurity works with RTI to integrate OpenPMF security policy managment with their Data Distribution Service (DDS) high performance middleware.



ObjectSecurity’s strategic security partner in the US market is Promia, Inc., a security solutions and intrusion detection tools provider to government and industry.


ObjectSecurity is part of the TrustWand joint venture, which Introduces information flow analysis and control to the analysis and protection capabilities, and generating a trusted model using enterprise policy management tools, provides the next generation of defense for cyber security for governments and commerce.


ObjectSecurity partners with US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to commercialise the SINS middleware and to provide technical support (as part of a U.S. Navy sub-contract).


Fraunhofer Gesellschaft FOKUS builds model driven middleware solutions with ObjectSecurity. We also collaborated on the EU FP6 project AD4 and the EU FP5 project COACH.


ObjectSecurity partners with ikv++ technologies ag, a provider of Model Driven Architecture products and professional services. ObjectSecurity contributes Model Driven Security and OpenPMF’s security to ikv++’s portfolio.


ObjectSecurity partners with Model Driven Solutions, a provider of SOA and MDA professional services and products. ObjectSecurity contributes Model Driven Security and OpenPMF’s security to Model Driven Solutions’s portfolio.


ObjectSecurity partners with Fintricity, a specialist consulting firm that provides SOA methodology based business driven technology solutions.


ObjectSecurity OpenPMF supports Intalio BPMS to provide push-button, out-of-the-box model-driven security policy management and enforcement. ObjectSecurity formed a non-exclusive technology partnership with Intalio, a provider of a complete open source business process management (BPM) SOA product.


ObjectSecurity partners with Paremus, a SOA runtime specialist, to offer OpenPMF’s security to Paremus’s Infiniflow platform.


ObjectSecurity collaborates with Center For Advanced Defence Studies, a non-profit, non-governmental, international educational institution based in Washington, DC that researches, educates, and implements programs, to enhance global security. The partnership enables ObjectSecurity to contribute their vision and collaborate.


ObjectSecurity collaborates with Global Information Intelligence, an expert who contributes broad compliance regulations / standards expertise to ObjectSecurity’s business driven compliance management. We can make regulatory compliance / best practices traceably extend to actual IT enforcement.


ObjectSecurity collaborates with Victor GmbH, an expert who contributes broad ITIL expertise to ObjectSecurity’s business driven compliance management. Together, we can make ITIL security traceably extend to actual IT enforcement.