Customer Case: OpenPMF protects criminal intel analytics.

ObjectSecurity is part of the unique multi-year project “VALCRI”, which is concerned with visual analytics for police intelligence. As part of the project, ObjectSecurity has developed an innovative security architecture for such demanding tasks based on its innovative OpenPMF 4.0 security policy automation platform. OpenPMF reduces risk/costs, improves security & compliance, and enables smarter business.

Customer Case: Secure distributed processing for Smart Cities.

In a city wide parking management system, the central server does not need to know which individual parking slots are available – all it needs to know is the occupancy of a parking site as a whole. Secure distributed system design. Therefore, a secure distributed system processing local data locally and only sending pre-processed data to a central control center is much more appropriate.

“OpenPMF automates policy management, giving you the assurance that your security mechanisms are actually enforcing the policies you specify.”

— Dr. Alan Karp, HP Labs