ObjectSecurity is truly a 21st century knowledge worker business. At the centre is a small core team of experts who are highly effective “smart workers”, using all technologies and processes available today to be highly mobile, flexible, and responsive. The core team coordinates the smooth integration with our portfolio of technical suppliers and with partners in the Americas, Asia, Middle-East and Europe.

Our team has first-class expertise and many years of experience gained from security projects,  industrial projects and large-scale industrial R&D work. We combine in-depth information technical expertise with extensive industry experience in numerous industry verticals. We also have achieved a high degree of visibility in the global Cybersecurity community. ObjectSecurity is fully founder-owned, which means our team is motivated to provide higher creativity and initiative along with better performance for customers, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Dr. Ulrich Lang | Co-Founder and CEO | ObjectSecurity LLC (Americas)

Ulrich received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (Security Group) on conceptual aspects of middleware security in 2003 (sponsored by the UK Defence and Evaluation Research Agency (DERA), after having completed a Master’s Degree (M. Sc.) in Information Security with distinction from Royal Holloway College (University of London) in 1997. On the management side, Ulrich has recently completed a Business Marketing Strategy course at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University).

 Ulrich is a renowned visionary entrepreneur and thought leader in cybersecurity (incl. model-driven security, access control policy, and application platform security), big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and virtual/augmented reality. He is currently working on an intelligent big-data supply chain risk analytics solution, and numerous projects around policy automation and policy testing. He is on the Board of Directors of the Cloud Security Alliance (Silicon Valley Chapter) and is a technical expert witness. He is responsible for the development of the OpenPMF user interface, policy automation and testing features. Ulrich runs the U.S. office in sunny San Diego, CA – and sometimes finds the time to play his sax (->open).

Rudolf Schreiner | Co-Founder and CEO | ObjectSecurity OSA GmbH (EMEA)

Rudolf received his Master’s Degree in physics (Dipl-Phys.) from University of Munich in 1993. After graduation, he worked as a freelance programmer and consultant on various computer security projects in banking, manufacturing and telecommunications, including penetration tests of telecommunication and manufactoring systems.
Rudolf is a technology visionary and the principal architect of several middleware platforms, security and knowledge management systems. He also designed the security architectures for complex Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and intelligence systems, under special consideration of data protection and privacy aspects.
His main interests are the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for security and the protection of AI systems, security of mission critical and embedded systems, and the integration of safety and security in critical systems.
Rudolf is the CEO of ObjectSecurity OSA GmbH.

Holmes Chuang | Principal Software Scientist

Over the last 25+ years as in principal and senior software engineering roles, Holmes has worked on many products and solutions, ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), hardware focused software (e.g. for Motorola), mobile device applications, big data applications, AV/multimedia etc. He has managed international projects from beginning to completion, and has worked on both front-ends and backends. His work in artificial intelligence (AI) around noise-cancellation has earned him an IEEE Chester Sall award in 1993.

One of his strong verticals is health IT, where he has worked on intelligent big data analytics, including pattern matching of streaming healthcare data from an FDA audited medical device attached to a mobile device and processed by a cloud backend. Holmes is currently the main developer on an intelligent supply chain risk analytics solution we are developing for a customer.

Karel Gardaš |  Chief Software Engineer

Karel studied Information Technologies with focus on object-oriented distributed systems at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic, and received his Master’s Degree (M. Sc.) in 2000. He worked for NetBeans, Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc as a senior software engineer. And since 2012 he works as the Chief Software Engineer for ObjectSecurity.

Karel is responsible for the development of the OpenPMF runtime and an intelligent predictive police analytics solution we are building for a customer, and has worked on ObjectWall, SecureMiddleware and MICO CORBA. He is also the official maintainer of the MICO Open Source project and main contributor to our MICO technical support contracts. Karel brings specific and in-depth security technology knowledge to the ObjectSecurity team, including software architecture, machine learning,  and infrastructure.

Dr. Reza Fatahi | Senior Research Scientist

Reza works on software architecture, application design, and AI, mainly for VAPTBOX and SCRAMS. He previously developed, redesigned and improved numerous products and solutions across various industries, incl. financial tech, health insurance tech, secure medical cloud, automotive, motion pictures, and others. For the last 10+ years, Reza was involved in full-stack principal and senior software engineering roles. He has a PhD (University of Connecticut / NIH T32 Fellowship) in Biomedical Science, and was also the lead collaborator and project manager with Daimler AG’s development of next generation supply chain solutions. His deep understanding of medical science, clinical medicine, and supply chain industries is actively applied in ObjectSecurity’s SCRAMS. Reza wrote his first program in BASIC on the Intel 80386 at the age of 12. Life sciences and medicine were passions he pursued in his young adult life. Upon finishing his training fellowship from the National Institutes of Health, he decided to make computing a full time career. He also served with the United States Marine Corps as a Lance Cpl (E3) in the 2nd 23rd Marines.

Adam Miller | Binary Analysis Researcher

I love research and mathematics, and have a lot of ideas I want to bring to life. My dream is to take innovative, cutting edge ideas or research and turn them into high quality, disruptive reality. I sincerely want my code to change the world, and I’m willing to work extremely hard to make that a reality.

So far, I’ve already taught myself functional programming (OCaml) and systems languages (C/++, rust), as well as exploit construction, Coq and LLVM. My interests lie in security, generally “systems development”, with a focus on the trio of low level engineering (kernel modules), formal methods and compilers. Language construction is also highly fascinating, since it relates intrinsically to type theory and formal methods.

My dream is to develop a quantum algorithm synthesizer for the development of other algorithms, both quantum and classic. I hope a special semantic isomorphy will allow me to construct property transform queries.

Edward Hackbarth | Senior Software Engineer

Edward is a contractor at ObjectSecurity, mainly contributing to VAPTBOX architecture and development. Before that, Edward was working as a fulltime employee at ObjectSecurity, working on our VAPTBOX, SCRAMS/AFMEP and OpenPMF Security Policy Automation technologies.

Edward received his MS in Computer Science from Pace University, and a BE from State University of New York. He has 30 years of professional experience as a full-stack software engineer as a tech startup founder, and in VP of technology, R&D and engineering roles. He has carried out academic research in connectionist theories (a subfield of artificial intelligence) at UCSD. Previous employment includes IBM Watson Research Center, JDSU, ScrollMotion and numerous other tech companies. Edward now runs his own company indigia LLC, but is staying involved at ObjectSecurity as a contractor.

Jason Kramer | Software Engineer

Jason joined ObjectSecurity in May 2019 as a Software Engineering Intern. As an intern, he worked on SCRAMS and OpenPMF. Jason graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Marketing. While at San Diego State University, he was accepted and graduated from the Lavin Entrepreneurship Program, a competitive two year co-curricular program organized around a “Lean” framework that advocates dynamic business modeling. He co-founded the startup Helix through the Zahn Innovation Platform at San Diego State University and worked on building a new wearable device that measured blood pressure passively throughout the day for patients who suffer from hypertension. He also worked as a teaching assistant and grader for the Computer Science Department.
In his spare time, he has created and worked on several websites and side projects. He created a website for finding, sharing, downloading and watching sports video highlights. Jason is interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Website Development. Jason enjoys running, watching baseball and playing video games with friends.

Trevor Thomas | Software Engineer

Trevor joined ObjectSecurity as an intern in May 2021, where he re-envisioned and developed an updated version of the easySCRAMS user interface. He then created a new version of the internal company task management system; improving employee workflow by focusing on practicality, collaboration, and elegance. Before his time at ObjectSecurity, Trevor worked as a software developer for IT Action Inc, where we reimagined and rewrote their task management system as well.

In his free time, Trevor has developed multiple web applications, including Catinal (a game where users all over the globe compete to take care of a cat), and Arpegg.io (a multi-platform music player that doesn’t hog your RAM). He will be graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from UC San Diego in December 2021, and enjoys web development, computer networking, and exploring the intersection of software and art.

Will Swift | Senior Software Engineer

Will has over 8 years of professional software development experience. He got his start in 2012 at ServiceNow working on a cloud infrastructure automation team, and quickly advanced to a senior developer position working on a ServiceNow platform product. From there he went to work for a local San Diego startup, Dreamtsoft, where he was one of the core platform developers and made major improvements to the product’s functionality, scalability and stability.

Out of high school he joined the Air Force, where he worked on weapons systems for F-15 and F-22 fighter aircraft. Always a tinkerer and fascinated with all things technology, he started writing programs in BASIC and installed his first debugger onto his parent’s desktop computer in 1994, at the age of 12. He is fascinated with computer architecture, compiler technology and hardware design, and he enjoys riding his mountain bike and playing golf in his free time.


Veronica James | Operations Manager

Veronica is the Senior Executive Assistant for Object Security, ensuring that a company is on track to meet its financial goals. Develop and implement budgets, prepare reports for senior management and ensure the company complies with policies. Ensure workers have the resources to complete their work. Perform human resource activities. She is also responsible for managing all office operations in the areas of marketing initiatives, personnel management, accounting, customer relations, and IT. Assist in managing company benefits, oversee internship programs and assist with hiring.

Veronica has over 20 years of experience as an Executive Assistant, she understands the importance of being proactive. In addition to being an expert at scheduling meetings, preparing agendas, and managing travel arrangements, she’s also developed the ability to anticipate roadblocks and create effective alternative plans. Her greatest value to any executive or team is her ability to work independently, freeing up their time to focus on the needs of the business.

Veronica says her personal goal is to keep the company organized, boost morale and increase productivity by becoming the troubleshooter, translator, help desk attendant, diplomate, human databases, travel consultant, amateur psychologist, and ambassador to the inside and the outside world.

Veronica holds an Associate Degree in Business. Veronica is a Military Veteran and lives in San Diego.

Susan Allen Farrell | Head of R&D Commercialization

Susan is the Head of Research and Development Commercialization of ObjectSecurity. Her successes in solution ideation to product launch to a public offering are applied to bridge ObjectSecurity product development to commercialization.

To meet market needs, she collaborates with product development, industry subject matter experts, the cyber ecosystem, and the ultimate end users to deploy genuinely disruptive technologies that continuously transform to address the evolving needs of protecting the cyber world.

Susan has over 30 years of experience in branding, global communications, investor relations, sales, channel and partner development, pricing, product management, product marketing, and executive management for start-ups to enterprises including Captavi, Petroleum Information (IHS Energy), Halliburton/Landmark Graphics, Silicon Graphics (SGI), Paradigm Geophysical, NEON Systems, and Pageflex.

Susan received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Management from Houston Baptist University. She lives with her husband in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, adjacent to Austin and San Antonio, after living in the Houston area for more than 40 years. Her environment inspires her new interest in watercolor art in her spare time.

Federico Aragon | Software Engineer

Federico has been working with the TAV-SCRAMS and RedBox teams to further development on both projects. While at university, Federico found a passion for coding projects and began learning Python and C++. After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2020 with his B.S. in Computer Science, Federico went on to work in cyber security consulting for various DoD contractors. Along the way he built up a strong understanding of NIST 800-171 and CMMC frameworks, including compliance requirements and the available enterprise solutions. He also brings with him a broad IT skillset with knowledge of network architecture, hardware (general computer, firewalls, switches, access points, auxiliary security tools), software bug fixes, operating systems, logging, and more. Federico is passionate about connecting the world through technology, security & privacy, VR development, and the environment. Federico strives to see ObjectSecurity succeed by contributing his skills and expertise towards improving productivity and overall efficiency in any way possible.

John Favaro | Senior Consultant Automotive, Safety & Software

John Favaro has many years of experience in functional safety and software systems engineering. In addition to assisting numerous OEM and Tier 1 companies in the development of safety related automotive systems, he has specialized in the training of personnel in best practices and standards such as ISO26262. John is an Associate Editor in Chief of IEEE Software, where he has also published several special issues on mission-critical systems development. He has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Yale University and the University of California at Berkeley.