ObjectSecurity Team

First-class expertise and many years of experience.


ObjectSecurity is truly a 21st century knowledge worker business. At the centre is a small core team of experts who are highly effective “smart workers”, using all technologies and processes available today to be highly mobile, flexible, and responsive. The core team coordinates the smooth integration with our portfolio of technical suppliers and with partners in the America’s, Asia, Middle-East and Europe.

Our team has first-class expertise and many years of experience gained from security projects,  industrial projects and large-scale industrial R&D work. We combine in-depth information technical expertise with extensive industry experience in numerous industry verticals. We also have achieved a high degree of visibility in the global Cybersecurity community. ObjectSecurity is fully employee-owned, which means our team is motivated to provide higher creativity and initiative along with better performance for customers, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Ulrich Lang | Co-Founder and CEO

Ulrich received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (Security Group) on conceptual aspects of middleware security in 2003 (sponsored by the UK Defence and Evaluation Research Agency (DERA), after having completed a Master’s Degree (M. Sc.) in Information Security with distinction from Royal Holloway College (University of London) in 1997.

On the management side, Ulrich has recently completed a Business Marketing Strategy course at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University). Ulrich is a renowned thought leader in cybersecurity (incl. model-driven security, access control policy, and application platform security), big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and virtual/augmented reality. He is currently working on an intelligent big-data supply chain risk analytics solution, and numerous projects around policy automation and policy testing. He is on the Board of Directors of the Cloud Security Alliance (Silicon Valley Chapter) and is a technical expert witness. He is responsible for the development of the OpenPMF user interface, policy automation and testing features. Ulrich runs the U.S. office in sunny San Diego, CA.

Rudolf Schreiner | Co-Founder and CTO

Rudolf received his Master’s (Dipl-Phys.) in physics from University of Munich in 1993. After graduation he worked as an independent software engineer and consultant on various computer security projects in banking, manufacturing and telecommunications. is a renowned thought leader in model-driven security. Rudolf Schreiner is currently the main software architect for the OpenPMF product.

Rudolf has served in the German federal civil defence (technical and logistical relief) for several years. His main interest is the modelling and development of mission critical and secure applications, as well as big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Among other topics, he is involved in the development of a predictive analytics police intelligence solution. Rudolf runs the European office and is based out of Berlin.

Karel Gardaš | Chief Software Engineer

Karel studied Information Technologies with focus on object-oriented distributed systems at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic, and received his Master’s Degree (M. Sc.) in 2000. He worked for NetBeans, Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc as a senior software engineer. And since 2012 he works as the Chief Software Engineer for ObjectSecurity.

Karel is responsible for the development of the OpenPMF runtime and an intelligent predictive police analytics solution we are building for a customer, and has worked on ObjectWall, SecureMiddleware and MICO CORBA. He is also the official maintainer of the MICO Open Source project and main contributor to our MICO technical support contracts. Karel brings specific and in-depth security technology knowledge to the ObjectSecurity team, including software architecture, machine learning,  and infrastructure.

Holmes Chuang | Principal Software Scientist

Over the last 25+ years as in principal and senior software engineering roles, Holmes has worked on many products and solutions, ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), hardware focused software (e.g. for Motorola), mobile device applications, big data applications, AV/multimedia etc. He has managed international projects from beginning to completion, and has worked on both front-ends and backends. His work in artificial intelligence (AI) around noise-cancellation has earned him an IEEE Chester Sall award in 1993.

One of his strong verticals is health IT, where he has worked on intelligent big data analytics, including pattern matching of streaming healthcare data from an FDA audited medical device attached to a mobile device and processed by a cloud backend. Holmes is currently the main developer on an intelligent supply chain risk analytics solution we are developing for a customer.

Martijn Kolenbrander | CSMO

Martijn is a passionate global marketing and business developement executive who merges vision, tactics, innovation, personality and resources to profitably grow innovation in (security) technology. He has over 15 years of senior management experience in the global technology industry, with a solid business reputation in the USA, Africa, Middle-East, India, Russia and Europe.

Throughout his 15 years in high-end technology, innovation and startups, Martijn has built a reputation for developing successful business strategies and incubating new business models. He stood at the forefront of many fast moving security technology industry trends. In his free time he travels around the globe to chase the small and big fish with the fly rod. Martijn is responsible for marketing and sales, and commercialization.

RA Santana | Chief Financial officer

RA has over 15 years of experience in financial planning, pro forma modeling, financial advisory and consultation for technology start-ups, scale-ups and enterprises. At prior jobs, she provided financial consulting and strategy advice to small businesses, non-government organizations, and educational institutions when residing in San Francisco, Japan, and Hawaii.

RA graduated from the University of San Francisco’s master’s program in Non-profit Administration and from UC Berkeley with a double major in Economic Development and Spanish. RA loves the outdoors and you can find here frequently hiking somewhere at Del Dios, Tijuana River Valley or Cedar Creek Falls.