Interested in working on exciting, leading-edge technologies? ObjectSecurity is hiring. We are looking for world-class experts to join ObjectSecurity LLC’s talented team!

ObjectSecurity is The Security Automation Company – we are an innovative small business that is changing how organizations manage risk and cybersecurity. We focus on vulnerability assessment automation, supply chain risk analysis automation, and security policy implementation & testing automation. Our customers include large enterprises and governments. We have won numerous prestigious awards over the years, including being named a “Cool Vendor” by analyst firm Gartner. We are looking for great software engineers who share our company culture: we are a results-driven, transparent team of creative thinkers who work with integrity, ethics, and responsibility and have fun. We are committed to delivering the best results to our customers, partners and the global community.

We are always looking for talented software engineers!  Want to work on seriously cool tech with us? We are funded by the Navy to research, develop and commercialize cutting-edge technologies that involve binary analysis, vulnerability assessment, LLVM, machine learning, SDR, and much more! We are looking for fast learners who are excited about the tech of the future!

ObjectSecurity is looking for a great software engineer who will be working on several exciting technology products:

  • Job Title: Depends on skill and experience. Senior or Principal Software Engineer if you have a lot of skill and experience.
  • Education: We will check your software engineering talent and other required skills, so formal computer science is not absolutely required, However, Degree, Master’s or PhD in Computer Science or similar/equivalent would be a great bonus, and the salary we can justify to our government customer depends to some extent on the education titles you have. And conversely, a title alone isn’t going to cut it if you cannot deliver. This is not an academic or managerial role, this is a “manage/architect/build” role where the buck for your work stops with you (we are a small business!).
  • Projects: you will be working on several exciting new products funded by the government under the SBIR program – Only the best small companies get those awards, so we are looking for substantial software engineering talent that can handle the technical challenges. Are you up to the challenge? An example you will immediately jump into is our RedBox multi-year contract.
  • Experience: Really depends on your talent. Ideally you have 5+ years of professional experience in the field, but you can offset that with significant software engineering talent.
  • Reports to: CEO
  • Location: We prefer candidates to be in the San Diego, CA area – i.e. physically be located there and be able to come to our downtown office multiple times per week (once COVID19 is under control). We work from home multiple times a week too (currently 100% due to COVID19), which is seen as a perk by our team. However, if your talent convinces us more than local candidates, we may consider a remote position too, but only in USA. We cannot hire you if you are not US based.
  • Citizenship Requirements: USA Citizenship or Greencard
  • Type of Employment: Full-time
  • Start of Employment: as soon as available after 6/9/2020
  • Benefits: 15 days/year PTO (20 after 5 years of service, 25 after 10 years of service); optional company healthplan with up to $5k employer contribution after wait period; 401(k) with $5k contribution after wait period.
  • Salary increases: 3%/year

About the Role

This  is a full-time position in San Diego, CA, USA. U.S. citizenship or green card are required. You will be co-responsible for several exciting new products we are developing on government contracts we have been awarded. You will design, architect, develop/implement and test the product with us. You will be working alongside ObjectSecurity’s team, incl. CEO Dr. Lang. One product is an innovative vulnerability assessment solution, which a government customer is funding (SBIR) – it involves binary vulnerability assessment automation, containers, deep reinforcement learning, cybersecurity etc. Another government-funded project will design, develop and demonstrate an innovative artificial intelligence system to analyze sensors.

Degree, Master’s or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent would be great, as well as 10+ years of experience in the field. But if you do not have any of those but can demonstrate significant talent and skill, we may be able to consider you.

ObjectSecurity makes heavy use of Java and Python, and also JavaScript. We are using and have used many different technologies over the years to meet our needs, and what we are looking for most of all is someone who is able and willing to very quickly learn new things. Example technologies we have used and are using include: Java, Python, JavaScript (bootstrap etc.),   graph & relational DBs, metamodeling/ontologies, artificial intelligence, containers, VMs, Eclipse IDE, Git, PHP … We also do some hardware hacking, incl. FPGA/Verilog, ports (USB, UART, JTAG etc.). Note that we may quickly need to learn other things as things need to get done in our projects – so prepare to be a fast learner.

As the product and the team grows, you will also have – if a fit and of interest – the opportunity to manage a team of developers (incl. interns) and to grow into an executive role at ObjectSecurity.

Skills and Experience

  • Significant and demonstrable development experience in several programming languages, incl. Java,Python, JavaScript
  • Demonstrable experience developing web user interfaces (JavaScript etc.).
  • Demonstrable experience developing backend and data analytics applications, incl. databases
  • Demonstrable experience APIs.
  • Demonstrable experience experience of implementing best coding practices
  • Demonstrable experience of producing test cases and testing software
  • Demonstrable experience with infrastructure, incl. containers, VMs, cloud platforms etc.
  • A background in software engineering, software and architecture
  • Able to write technical documentation, reports and summaries that can be submitted to our customers
  • Desirable: cybersecurity experience, incl. vulnerability assessment, pen-testing, hardware hacking, access control etc.
  • Desirable: defense industry experience
  • Desirable: Experience of supplier management and supply chains
  • Desirable: Proposal writing experience
  • Desirable: Significant and demonstrable experience developing applications using the Eclipse ecosystem
  • Desirable: Proven experience of project working and commercial development processes

For more information or to let us know you are interested, please contact ObjectSecurity below – please upload your resume with links to prior work and project examples (e.g. on GitHub) somewhere and paste the link with a comment into the contact box – thanks.

Marketing & Sales Consultant(s) for USA

To support our growth ObjectSecurity is looking for assistance with marketing and sales. We are currently working on product/market fit analysis for SCRAMS, and also need sales. Note that due to the nature of our current government funding this is not a full-time, salaried position. On the upside, if you have the right kind of experience and talent – and produce tangible results –  you can grow into a Chief Marketing & Sales Officer (CMSO) role at ObjectSecurity.

If  you are interested in this role, please contact us below – thanks. But please only if you are willing to at least initially get involved on a more nominal and/or finders fee basis until we have validated that you can produce tangible results.

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