ObjectSecurity’s mission is to simplify, improve and automate security for the complex, interconnected IT landscapes most organizations have to deal with today. Our core products are OpenPMF, the globally leading and awarded security policy automation solution, and SCRAMS, our supply chain risk analysis management system.

The company has two independently operated entities: ObjectSecurity LLC is located in sunny San Diego, California, USA. The European company ObjectSecurity OSA GmbH is located in Falkensee, Germany, just some kilometers from Berlin. We work with partners and clients  in more than 25 countries across the globe. ObjectSecurity is a spin-off SME of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. It was founded in order to transfer the results of academic research to consulting and industrial research and development, and to bundle the abilities of several experienced scientists, consultants, programmers and security technology specialists.

Experience and Track Record. We Can Prove It.

ObjectSecurity is owner-operated, which means our team is motivated to provide higher creativity and initiative along with better performance for customers, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Our highly experienced and renowned experts in the field, all of whom have excellent academic and business track records, deliver safe, secure, reliable, flexible, and cost effective solutions. 

Our track record and endorsements show that we meet, and frequently even exceed, the expectations of our customers. We have a successful track record with many large blue chip companies, military and government organizations. These success stories demonstrate that we are capable of delivering technically reliable solutions in time for your project deadlines and within budget.

“OpenPMF automates policy management, giving you the assurance that your security mechanisms are actually enforcing the policies you specify.”

Dr. Alan Karp, HP Labs

“We generally favor OpenPMF model driven security to actually execute and implement digital dynamic access control….”

Mike Davis, U.S. Navy SPAWAR

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