Supply Chain Risk Analytics & Management Solution (SCRAMS) helps you make sense of the supply chain information you already have, but which you cannot effectively analyze for supply chain risks. Simply upload your procurement information, and SCRAMS automatically analyzes your organization’s procurement information for supply chain risks, and also provides improved supply chain visibility. The rationale behind SCRAMS is that supply chain risk analysis today is often still done ad-hoc and manually, for example using spreadsheets – but organizations today need better and more timely visibility into their supply chains, in order to be able to react to supply chain risks better and faster.

To use SCRAMS, all you have to do is upload parts of your procurement data into the system, including from SAP ERP, other ERPs, and spreadsheets. SCRAMS then automatically identifies multiple kinds of supply chain anomalies in your procurement data, such as counterfeit, modified, and sub-par QA items – and also vendor and shipping anomalies. In addition, it enriches its results with public information about items, vendors, geopolitical events etc. from many public data sources, such as from counterfeit databases, social media and news. SCRAMS provides supply chain risk managers with a consolidated, detailed report that helps them focus where it matters most, so they can react to supply chain risks faster.

SCRAMS has originally been designed for analyzing IT and microelectronics purchases, but is far more widely applicable than that. In the context of microelectronics, SCRAMS can also help determine the bill of materials of circuit boards, and automatically search for circuit board and part anomalies.

SCRAMS comes in two flavors:

easySCRAMS SaaS Freemium

easySCRAMS is an easy-to-use freemium SaaS version of SCRAMS which you can use online right now on our website. It is low-cost, low-hassle for organizations that are just getting started with supply chain risk analysis.
Try it out today for free!

SCRAMS Enterprise

SCRAMS Enterprise edition supports more advanced features. In comparison to easySCRAMS, the enterprise version include more advanced analytics, supports advanced searching and visualizations, more detailed reports, and can be customized to your specific needs.