Supply Chain Risk Analysis Management System


Supply Chain Risk Analytics & Management System (SCRAMS) helps you make sense of the supply chain information you already have, but which you cannot effectively analyze for supply chain risks. We ingest your procurement data, incl. Navy ERP and SAP, into a graph database, and make it easily searchable for supply chain analysts, contract officers etc. We also run automated analytics, such as price anomalies indicating counterfeit or refurbished parts.


Ingest information from your ERP and other sources into SCRAMS and let SCRAMS intelligently “connect the dots”.  Once done, you can run smart searches across the analyzed data, and run automated analytics. You can also generate actionable reports. SCRAMS has a different focus compared to conventional supply chain risk analysis solutions: It looks for malicious intent as well as accidental/QA issues, surfacing whether supplied items and assemblies of items pose a risks to safety, security and assurance. SCRAMS draws on big data analytics, semantic information modeling, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, cybersecurity, we are able to provide a solution that saves you time and hassle.


SCRAMS capabilities include:

  • Supplier identification and information, including associated IT components
  • Federated search of available government and internet data
  • Facilitated data discovery and federated searching
  • Analytical capabilities to recognize risks, incl. (automated) anomaly detection
  • Ingested SAP ERP (+ supports document import from 1000+ formats for searching)
  • Saving and exporting queries and reports, exports to PDF, and MS Excel & Word
  • Support for all stakeholders (power users, contract managers etc.)
  • Security features (granular permissions, ABAC, integrated security policy automation with OpenPMF)
  • Web-access and centralized cloud service
  • Scaling with users, data and analytics
  • Web compatible access (HTML, JavaScript, CSS),
  • User accessibility support in browsers

How to use/adopt SCRAMS:

  • SCRAMS can be deployed as an appliance/virtual appliance. Users access the system using their web browser
  • Database admins provide supply chain data (e.g. ERP/SAP export/import) or upload documents directly
  • SCRAMS ingests provided data into a graph database, enabling advanced search and automatically applied risk analytics
  • There may be some upfront cost for new customers because SAP (and other ERP) data is not 100% uniform across organizations. ObjectSecurity’s in-house data ingestion service leverages automation to keep cost low, because of the amount and complexity of the imported information.