We have helped many customers over the years, and more and more customers come to us these days to manage their policies better. Like many government agencies have invested in ObjectSecurity’s technology over the years.
We are now looking for suitable growth capital investors to scale the business to meet growing demand. ObjectSecurity’s mission is to simplify security for the complex, interconnected IT landscapes most organizations have to deal with today. Our primary focus is around simplified security management and secure IT application integration. Our core product is OpenPMF, the leading “model-driven security” security policy management solution. ObjectSecurity is a key enabler for numerous high-growth markets in Cyber Security.

Experience and Track Record.
We Can Prove It.

Our track record and endorsements shows that we meet, and frequently even exceed, the expectations of our customers. ObjectSecurity’s client list consists predominantly of large blue-chip companies and the military. We have numerous patents granted and pending. We have a successful track record with many large blue chip companies and government organizations These success stories demonstrate that we are capable of delivering technically reliable solutions in time for your project deadlines and within budget, even for the most demanding organizations and IT environments.

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