easySCRAMS – Maximum Visibility. Minimum Effort.

Simply upload your procurement data – easySCRAMS will automatically analyze it for supply chain risks and improve your supply chain visibility and optimization.

easySCRAMS Supply Chain Management Key Points:

Having good supply chain visibility allows you to keep track of individual components from your suppliers. Good visibility enables timely risk identifications and allows you to maneuver inventory, avoid bottlenecks, ensure quality, and meet demands. One of the greatest challenges is manage risk and visibility across partner networks on a global scale.

easySCRAMS provides quick risk visibility of your suppliers. The analysis report saves you time on researching and screening your suppliers one by one. easySCRAMS not only conducts a background check based on your supplier’s unique CAGE number but also scavenges the internet for any news regarding each supplier. easySCRAMS is a quick and easy way to gain visibility to your suppliers and effectively manage your supply risks.

On a global scale, supply chains faces many risks such as environmental catastrophes, transport loss, counterfeit production, economic instability, etc. Identifying and addressing those risks in a timely manner allows the supply chain to meet demands continuously. However, these risks are often unpredictable and costly for the business. Therefore, having preemptive supply chain risk indicators is crucial for developing a sustainable supply chain.

easySCRAMS provides detailed reports regarding pricing anomalies, supplier anomalies, and any geographical situations that might potentially risk the deliverability of your supply chain. easySCRAMS provides a customized report based on your uploaded procurement information!

Optimization of supply chain is one of the key factors to a successful business. How do you guarantee quality, quantity, deliverability, and profit? By minimizing cost and improving performance, an efficient supply chain could not only generate the highest level of profit but also increase customer satisfaction. However, optimizing supply chain is a difficult process because of its complexity. Supply chain manager often struggle to find the optimal balance between, costs of manufacturing, inventory, transportation, yield, and fulfillment. In addition, the supply chain configuration is constantly fluctuating depending on changes in the customer expectations, material cost, carrier pricings, and even geo-political factors.

easySCRAMS can help you simplify the supply chain analysis process for optimization. The pricing and vendor anomaly reports allows you to instantly filter out suppliers who are charging too much or have an untrustworthy history. The geo-location event search report gives you the latest updates risk indicators on your suppliers based on their geographical locations. easySCRAMS is a quick and easy tool to help you minimize cost while guaranteeing supplier quality during your supply chain optimization process.

To avoid cost, many companies chooses to use spreadsheets as an organization solution for supply chain. However, using spreadsheets makes it more difficult to provide supply chain visibility and identify potential risk indicators. On the other hand, implementing a customized SAP ERP  program is often too costly and unnecessary for the current stage of business.

easySCRAMS is our current freemium solution, providing essential key analytics such as price anomaly, vendor anomaly, product general analysis, and geo-location event analysis. If your interested in more advanced analytics, please check out our enterprise version:


easySCRAMS: The Easy 5 Step Solution for Supply Chain Analysis

1   Select Input Data

– Many different input types to choose from
– Click the [?] for help and example templates

2   Upload Data

– Simply drag/drop or upload your procurement data
– You can upload multiple files of the same type! easySCRAMS can analyze all uploaded files for one comprehensive analysis report

3   Match Columns

– Here you can make sure that the columns from the uploaded data are correctly matched
– With SAP ERP data, the column matching is automatic

4   Analyze

– Hit that “Go” button!
– A customized analysis report will show up in your email in minutes.

5   View Results

easySCRAMS calculates risk indicators based on many factors:
– Product anomalies (price, online searches, counterfeit data…)
– Vendor anomalies (address, CAGE , location events etc.)
– Shipping anomalies (product/shipping locations etc.)
– etc.


Watch the easySCRAMS Tutorial.

Sit down, relax and learn easySCRAMS ins and outs in less than 4 minutes! From the “How it works” to the features in just five simple steps.

Need more advanced features? Check out the Enterprise Version