OpenPMF Security policy management platform stops security breaches with powerful policy enforcement. 

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OpenPMF™ Makes Security Policy Manageable Through Automation.

Our unique OpenPMF™ security policy automation platform gives you powerful security policy implementation that is also effortless to manage. It allows you to improve protection, monitoring, testing, and documenting – for your information, users and devices.

  • Author generic policies using terms you choose
  • Generate technical rules & configurations at the click of a button
  • Enforce & monitor via OpenPMF’s runtime, or export 3rd party configs.
  • Automatically update policies when your IT landscape changes
  • Test policies before deployment (pre-release version)
  • Rapidly customize policies and enforcement for your organization

OpenPMF™ turns human-manageable security policies automatically into the matching preventive technical implementation. OpenPMF  lets you manage security policies in customizable terms that matter to your organization. OpenPMF (patent-pending) ensures policies are manageable even if IT landscapes are large and change dynamically. The result is a significant cost saving, esp. with respect to maintenance.

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