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Our technologies make security manageable through automation and intelligence:

OpenPMF solves multiple challenges with enforcing security policies: rich and dynamic policies need to be applied in many industries to restrict information flows to only what is authorized. OpenPMF’s award-winning unique “security policy automation” approach allows users to author very policies intuitively. OpenPMF automatically generates the numerous detailed technical rules and configuration, by importing and analyzing information about your organization and technologies. OpenPMF supports modern access control including Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC).


SCRAMS helps you make sense of supply chain information you already have, but which you cannot effectively analyze for supply chain risks. Ingest information from your ERP and other sources into SCRAMS and let SCRAMS intelligently “connect the dots”. Once done, you can run smart searches across the analyzed data, and run automated analytics. You can also generate actionable reports.


VAPTBOX automates the tasks of a software vulnerability evaluator for embedded systems. It automatically executes sequences of actions on devices to identify ports (JTAG, UART etc.), break into a command shell, extract binaries (firmware), and run vulnerability assessments on the extracted software. VAPTBOX is designed as a portable device, and automatically generates a report of identified vulnerabilities. One major use of VAPTBOX is as an automated evaluator for already-fielded embedded devices.


WhizRT automates the tasks of an ethical hacker. It automatically executes sequences of reconnaissance and exploit actions via the network, finding systems on the network, discovering vulnerabilities on them, and exploiting them. At the core of WhizRT is its deep learning AI engine, which is initially trained using a simulation and continues learning while in operation. One major use of WhizRT is as an automated red team agent for cybersecurity training. Another use is to run an automated penetration test on your system.


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