OpenPMF Security Policy Management Platform
stops security breaches with powerful policy enforcement. 

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OpenPMF™ makes security policy manageable through automation. 
Maximum security. Minimum effort.

Our unique OpenPMF™ security policy automation platform gives you powerful security policy implementation that is also effortless to manage. It allows you to improve protection, monitoring, testing, and documenting – for your information, users and devices. Policies become easier to understand, manage, audit, and update.

  • Author generic policies using terms you choose.

  • Generate technical rules & configurations at the click of a button.

  • Enforce & monitor via OpenPMF’s runtime, or export 3rd party configs.

  • Automatically update policies when your IT landscape changes.

  • Test policies before deployment (pre-release version).

  • Rapidly customize policies and enforcement for your organization.

Learn OpenPMF in less than 6 minutes.

Sit down, relax and learn the OpenPMF 4.0 ins and outs in less than 6 minutes. Ulrich Lang, Founder and CEO of ObjectSecurity, brings you in a few minutes the complete story, from the “How it works” to the benefits of OpenPMF, security policy management automation.

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Interested in learning more and understand how your organisation can benefit from OpenPMF. Request a free licence for the OpenPMF SAAS trial.

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