ObjectSecurity Success

Experience, Innovation and Track Record. We Can Prove It.


ObjectSecurity solves complex defense and industrial cybersecurity and risk challenges. We have an exceptional success track record, both commercial and scientific/technical. Here are some examples:

  • Solid, growing business
  • Great track record
  • 18yrs bootstrapped
  • Solid revenue
  • San Diego, CA based
  • Employee owned + operated
  • R&D + commercialization success
  • Strong team + partners
  • 10+ patents
  • Award-winning products

  • 150+ publications & presentations

  • DoD/gov’t & commercial track record


Numerous customers have relied on ObjectSecurity over the years. The following is a sample of our extensive customer list:

Navy (ONR, NAVWAR, NAVSEA, NRL), DARPA, Army (DEVCOM), Air Force (AFWERX, AFRL), Missile Defense Agency, NIST, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), General Electric,  Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies [], UCI Medical, Agilent, IBM, Boeing, Smartronics, QinetiQ, UK MOD, BAA Airports, Intel, ESG, SAP AG, Royal Bank of Scotland, HP, BMVIT, Twinsoft, Deutsche Telekom, European Space Agency (ESA), Lufthansa Systems, Eurocontrol, UL VS, Promia, RTI, Hornbach, Schoenhofer, and more.


We have received numerous awards over the years. Examples include:

Gartner “Cool Vendor”, AFWERX Challenge Finalist, IEEE Best Paper Award, TeleTrust Award, Global Security Challenge Finalist, and more


We have 10+ allowed patents across several patent families, and a number of pending applications.


We have over 150 publications and presentations, numerous of them in peer-reviewed journals, and some of them award-winning (e.g. IEEE Best Paper). We also wrote a book, PhD thesis, and more. Click to view publications list – and also some analyst coverage and endorsements:

R&D Contracts

We have a stellar track record in SBIR/STTR and other government funded R&D, as well as commercialization.

Success Blog Posts

Here are some blog posts and press releases that illustrate our various successes. Please also look at the blog posts in the menu at the top.


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