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ObjectSecurity OT.AI Platform™

Automated Binary Vulnerability Analysis

Automatically reverse engineer and analyze binaries to identify and report potential zero-day vulnerabilities


Conventional cyber management via network scanning and SBOM generation are insufficient to protect the modern OT/ICS landscape. Many devices are not connected to the network. Proprietary systems contain unpublished vulnerabilities and devices are getting increasingly critical, autonomous & intelligent.

This leaves you with one option: automated reverse engineering.

Lack of source code.
~20-70% of OT/ICS assets are end-of-life; they are not receiving security patches.
Proprietary systems contain unpublished vulnerabilities.
Talented reverse engineers are expensive and hard to find.
Manual reverse engineering is time consuming.


ObjectSecurity OT.AI Platform analyzes binaries coherently using multiple techniques in an integrated manner, with a particular focus on discovering unpublished vulnerabilities and potential zero days. It automates common manual reverse engineering techniques including static analysis, disassembly, decompilation, and symbolic execution. It analyzes a binary program’s behavior at runtime. It does not rely solely on known vulnerabilities and can be flexibly deployed on-prem/offline or in the cloud

18,000 CVEs

focused on known OT/ICS binary vulnerabilities

~140 CWEs

detected across 30 CPU architectures

Compliance Frameworks

including NIST 800 and ISA/IEC 62443

Dangerous Functions

find 100’s of exploitable functions

Weak Pointers

manipulate pointers, detect memory vulnerabilities

Cryptographic Issues

encryption schemes, embedded keys, entropy


ObjectSecurity OT.AI Platform is widely applicable and offers benefits to many users. Here are key user groups and how they benefit from using it:

Reverse Engineers, Threat Hunters, and Vulnerability Researchers

Speed up your manual reverse engineering workflow.

Product Security, QA Testers, and Software Developers

Integrate automatic reverse engineering directly into your DevSecOps pipeline.

Consumers of End-of-Life Devices

Ensures your legacy devices are safe, even if the manufacturer won’t.

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