ObjectSecurity offers expert professional services, including training, advisory, research & development, technical expert witness services and implementation.

Expert AI/ML Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing business operations. By learning from vast data, AI gives companies a competitive edge by optimizing operations, improving decisions, and enhancing products and services. Our team helps businesses tackle challenges and optimize processes using AI. ObjectSecurity has developed cutting-edge AI and machine learning (ML) models for over 15 years, helping companies use AI securely and comply with regulations. For example, we developed an automated AI/ML solution for the U.S. Air Force that assesses and improves model performance and security, offering businesses solutions to scan their models for security and compliance. We are  NIST Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC) members, and have presented about trustworthiness of AI at large conferences such as RSA. We provide services to help businesses utilize AI models, analyze data, design and develop new models, and integrate them into workflows. Our expert consultants offer end-to-end support, from building AI strategies to deploying models tailored to your business needs. This includes helping you figure out how to optimally leverage AI for your business (AI enablement).

Binary Analysis Services

As the creators of the OT.AI Platform, the team of binary analysts at ObjectSecurity are uniquely capable of finding and eliminating the vulnerabilities in your binary software. We have a long track record of being at the forefront of binary analysis techniques, and are well equipped to tackle the cybersecurity challenges facing your modern infrastructure. We may use OT.AI Platform as part of our services offered to you, but no license or installation is required.

Technical Expert Witness: Cyber Security, AI/ML & Software

Dr. Ulrich Lang, Founder & CEO of ObjectSecurity, leads a pioneering cyber security company with high-profile clients. He serves as a technical expert in copyright infringement, patent litigation, and software business fraud. With close to 25 years as a software cyber security entrepreneur, he is experienced in software business fraud cases. Notable work includes technical expert reports on copyright infringement and business fraud verification. Having co-invented several significant cyber security patents, he is suitable for patent cases and Markman presentations. He is available for plaintiff and defense cases in software and cyber security. Letters of recommendation for Dr. Lang’s previous cases are available upon request.