ObjectSecurity DCP™

Data Cleansing Platform

Process dirty data from potentially many different sources into clean, usable data – easily and effectively.

Dirty data is everywhere.

Improperly formatted dates

Grammatical errors and typos

Outdated phone numbers

Logical inconsistencies

Statistical outliers

Fake locations

Missing fields

Duplicate data

It doesn’t have to be.

The ObjectSecurity Data Cleansing Platform (DCP) helps users identify and eliminate dirty data from databases, datasets, datalakes, and spreadsheets. It provides an intuitive low-code user interface for specifying how data should be cleansed.

The DCP was born out of an Air Force SBIR contract called TAV-SCRAMS (Total Access Visibility Supply Chain Risk Analysis and Management Solution). This contract involved the migration of a large amount of legacy dirty data into a modernized, clean format. We needed a tool that could identify human data-entry errors, and remediate them quickly. This tool needed to be highly-configurable: the data-entry mistakes being made today would not be the same as those in the future.

There weren’t any tools with such capabilities, so we built one.


Data Scientists

Eliminate the effect of dirty data on your life.

AI/ML Engineers

Sanitize your data before training, create better models

Maintainers of Legacy Data Systems

Mitigate issues caused by human error or faulty software.