SecureMiddleware is a sophisticated secure, model-driven open source CORBA based middleware platform with security extensions. SecureMiddleware works out of the box with OpenPMF, our unique model-driven security policy automation technology. OpenPMF automates ABAC, RBAC & more.


  • Secure MICO CORBA is a mature, very stable, fully-compliant open source CORBA ORB with security extensions.
  • ObjectSecurity’s highly skilled & experienced CORBA security specialists provide technical support, development and consulting
  • ObjectSecurity is the official project maintainer since 2000
  • GNU open source license
  • “CORBA compliant” (Open Group)
  • Many security features
  • OpenPMF integration
  • Many success stories and testimonials

SecureMICO Flyer (PDF)

Official MICO site


ObjectWall is a proxy firewall developed specifically for the IIOP prototcol.

  • Allows full IIOP network traffic across the boundary without exposing IT systems and applications to security risk, whilst also ensuring application protection
  • IIOP prototcol proxy firewall for EJB and IIOP-SOA environment, e.g. s EJB, CORBA, J2EE, CCM and .NET.
  • Supports the complete IIOP protocol functionality
  • Optimal request filtering, e.g. expose only subsets of interfaces to partners.
  • Usable as a bridge between secure IIOP and unencrypted IIOP, or to protect security unaware applications.
  • Blocks malformed IIOP traffic, full message rewriting
  • Extremely robust implementation
  • OpenPMF policy management integration (or stand-alone admin)

ObjectWall brochure (PDF)


SimulateWorld™ is a 4D model driven synthetic rapid prototyping, testing, and simulation environment

SimulateWorld™ is a 4D (3D + time) virtual reality simulation and rapid prototyping synthetic environment for secure information sharing. It is “model-driven”, i.e. both system configurations and security policies can be automatically generated using model-driven engineering and OpenPMF model-driven security. It can be flexibly deployed on most runtime COTS & open source infrastructure, including SecureMiddleware, Web services, JMS, DDS, and HLA.

Integrates technologies in the same way the real world is integrated

Various virtual sensor types are available, such as radars and vehicle positions, and other sensor types can be flexibly added as plug-ins. Furthermore, objects in the virtual world can be remote-controlled via the same middleware to allow the simulation of human behaviour (e.g. aircraft pilots) and events. SimulateWorld can run across the internet for larger collaborations or on the intranet for local simulations. One of the intended uses of SimulateWorld is the demonstration of secure information integration prototypes before they get deployed in the real world.

SimulateWorld brochure (PDF)