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ObjectSecurity Presents OpenPMF Auditor at NIST Conference January 23, 2019, Gaithersburg, MD.

ObjectSecurity is presenting OpenPMF’s security policy automation and testing capabilities at NIST’s “Identity Management & Access Control in Multiclouds Workshop and Conference” January 22-24, 2019, in Gaithersburg, MD.

ObjectSecurity OpenPMF Security Policy Automation helps orchestrate cyber defenses by configuring rich technical security policies/configurations on many layers and systems: rich and dynamic policies need to be applied in many industries to restrict information flows to only what is authorized.  OpenPMF’s award-winning unique “security policy automation” approach allows users to author policies very intuitively. OpenPMF automatically generates the numerous detailed technical rules and configuration, by importing and analyzing information about your organization and technologies. OpenPMF includes its own runtime enforcement, and (importantly!) can generate customizable configurations for existing security mechanisms. OpenPMF is a flexible toolbox.

As part of a Phase II SBIR for NIST, ObjectSecurity added security policy testing features to OpenPMF based on NIST’s research. At the conference, ObjectSecurity presents the results of this research, and demonstrates the technology at their demo table.

With grant investment from NIST, the European Commission, Army (SBIR), Air Force (SBIR), and others, ObjectSecurity has developed their patented OpenPMF security automation technology since co-founder & CEO Dr. Ulrich Lang’s PhD research on access policies (1998-2003). Gartner previously selected ObjectSecurity as “Cool Vendor” for OpenPMF.

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