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ObjectSecurity was selected as a Finalist for its Supply Chain Risk Analysis Management System (SCRAMS) at the “Supply Chain and Provenance Challenge” run by Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) in partnership with AFWERX (idea 4531, viewing requires registration here). The Challenge seeks solutions to solve a problem that exists today around provenance of microelectronics and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solutions that the USAF would like to utilize on Air Force Bases and in operational environments.

AFWERX is looking for non-destructive methods, techniques, and tools to trace the parts of any COTS assembly (hardware and software) to prove provenance and suitability for use in military applications in a cost-effective manner. That includes the method of assembly, the source of boards, components, packaging, microchips, intellectual property blocks (or custom designs), process technology, the foundry of origin, raw materials.

Approaches and tools that use automation approaches such as machine vision and machine learning to reverse engineer or identify hardware objects and prove provenance are encouraged. Not limited to these—we are looking for ideas from the community!

AFWERX would like to be able to take a COTS assembly (e.g. drone, router etc) and in a non-destructive manner be able to ascertain where every electronic part came from, the traceability, bill of materials and be able to map back to vendors and sources.  At the end of the solution implementation, the assembly must demonstrate pre-assessment functional integrity (does nothing more and nothing less than it did before assessment). The solution should be to take an existing assembly and trace it back to be able to establish provenance post-manufacture. AFWERX seeks solutions to support the maintenance of security of the global microelectronics supply chain.  All information captured during the process should be captured in an immutable record with data products.

ObjectSecurity’s Ulrich Lang and Edward Hackbarth presented their supply chain provenance ideas to an expert team from AFWERX/AFRL on May 30, 2019.

ObjectSecurity is part of one of three teams that has been contracted by AFWERX/Defensewerx to develop a showcase prototype and will showcase its joint solution with partner Riverside Research at the AFWERX booth at the International Test Conference, Washington D.C., 12-14 November 2019.

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