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OpenPMF 2.0 Model Driven Security Management
 ObjectSecurity - The Security Policy Automation Experts
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OpenPMF™ Model-Driven Security Policy Automation: OpenPMF automates the process of turning human-manageable security requirements into the matching technical security policy implementation and accreditation/compliance evidence. OpenPMF is key to reducing cost, improving security & accreditation/compliance, and supporting security for today's agile, interconnected applications (e.g. SOA/cloud/IoT).
OpenPMF uses model-driven security (MDS) - a unique, patent-pending technology - to simplify policy management more than other approaches (e.g. visual/linguistic) can. MDS lets you:
Capture security policies in the intuitive/generic way you want, using model-driven security
Generate corresponding technical enforcement automatically, e.g. attribute-based access control (ABAC) rules, PDL, XACML.
Enforce your policies automatically across your IT systems
Monitor security incidents automatically
Maintain correct enforcement automatically for today's dynamically changing, interconnected applications (e.g.SOAs/Cloud based)
Analyze and document automatically that the security implementation meets compliance/accreditation requirements.
OpenPMF™ includes a model-driven policy authoring tool, a model-driven rule generation tool, an attribute-based authorization policy server, and policy decision/enforcement points. OpenPMF is standards-based (incl. Ecore/MOF, XMI, XACML, ABAC).


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ObjectSecurity’s services range from high-level tasks such as security architecture and analysis, assessment and testing, as well as policy, down to the implementation of security technologies.
In particular: leading consulting, R&D, and services related to information security, esp. related to security policy management and implementation (incl. “model-driven security”), access control, cloud security, SOA security, middleware security. Additional consulting projects include being cyber security technical expert witness.
Projects span numerous mission-critical industries (incl. government, aerospace, defense, manufacturing, finance, telecom, and more).
ObjectSecurity’s highly experienced and qualified security experts hold advanced degrees (PhDs/Master’s) in information security, each have over 15 years of experience in the field, and are renowned visionaries in the area of “model-driven security” and cloud security.


ObjectSecurity is an information security specialist company with a highly innovative technology portfolio and a strong consulting, R&D, services track record. ObjectSecurity was founded in 2000 by leading information security experts and has offices in Palo Alto, CA, USA, and Cambridge, UK.



Blog post: "Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) adoption 70% by 2020 - Model-Driven Security helps make ABAC manageable!"
"Best Pitch Award" for TrustWand at San Diego IEEE - Cyber Security Entrepreneurial Workshop, 28 March
(Recording) ObjectSecurity presents model-driven security, OpenPMF, TrustWand at San Diego IEEE - Cyber Security Entrepreneurial Workshop, 28 March
ObjectSecurity is working on OpenPMF implementations and MDS/ABAC R&D as part of several US Navy and Air Force SBIR subcontracts, Nov'13
OpenPMF powers TrustWand
Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) eBook released!
Dr Lang completes several projects as a technical expert witness (litigation support).
ObjectSecurity co-orgnizes CSA Conference, Dr. Lang moderates panel.
ObjectSecurity presents at the NIST Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) Workshop
ObjectSecurity is awarded multi-year “ICSI” intelligent transport systems EC FP7 research contract
SemanticXWiki open source released
Navy project demo video: OpenPMF
Model-driven security: Wikipedia
Gartner: Model-driven security on Hype Cycle 2013 as "DevOpsSec"
Air traffic control SESAR SWIM contract awarded
IBM developerWorks publication
3 year EU FP7 R&D "CRISIS" contract
US Navy SOA / Cloud IA contract with Promia
OpenPMF *FREE * trial available
Intel renews contract
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