ObjectSecurity is pleased to offer paid internships in the San Diego, CA area (incl. UCSD and SDSU), and (due to COVID-19) remote internships. Interns benefit from our high-innovation work environment, and we benefit from the fresh ideas, creativity and skill of our interns.

In order to streamline your involvement as an intern, please note the following:

  1. Please try to not misrepresent your expertise in your resume or interview. We collect a number of internal projects each round that are suitable for internships, and we assign those based on your presented expertise. If you accidentally misrepresent/over-state expertise, we may assign an unsuitable project to you and it will be frustrating. Of course we don’t expect the same level of proficiency as engineers with a lot of work experience – but we need to know reliably where you are at so we can identify the right project fit for you. Some ideas: if you state familiarity with languages/frameworks, rate them on a scale in relation to a fully qualified engineer, so we know where to apply your expertise.

Because we are not doing in-office interviews right now and all of our positions are currently remote, we have a new interview process on Google Forms. You can choose a position that you are interested in applying for and record a quick 2-3 minute video on your experience and why you would be a good fit for the position.

Please create a 1-3 minute video (application part 2) for a better chance of getting a position! You do not need to spend too much time on it. It is there so we can gain a better idea of your previous experience so we can match you to a project that suits your interests and expertise!

Here are our positions that are currently available:

Front-End Web Developer

We are looking for a talented front-end developer who is experienced with PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap who will aggregate data in a visually appealing way

Computer Vision & Machine Learning

We would welcome an intern who is skilled at computer vision to work with us on our project that analyzes a circuit board using computer vision. Tasks will include automatically tilt-correcting photos of circuit boards using computer vision, detecting chip boundaries using computer vision, detecting parts using pattern recognition and continuing training our Mask_RCNN model

Natural Language Processing, Web Scraping & Java

We are looking to add an intern who is experienced with Java and has worked on web scraping and Natural Language Processing projects.

Cyber Security / Reverse Engineering / Binary Analysis

We are looking for someone who has experience with cybersecurity, extracting firmware, binary assessments, red team experience and/or military domain experience with IT or embedded maintenance.

GO Plugin Development

We are looking to add an intern who is experienced with Golang and can create plugins, also experienced with front-end development

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

We are looking to add an intern who is experienced with AI/ML who has experience using current ML tools such as TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, etc.

5G Cybersecurity Engineer / Antenna Design Engineer

We are looking for interns to analyze 5G networks and determining the dynamic topology. We are looking for an intern who has research experience in classes, a lab/with a professor or internship/job related to 5G. You will be working with technical experts to analyze network activities, assess vulnerabilities on the network and detect anomalies.

We are also looking for interns who have a broad understanding or application of advanced principles, theories, and concepts in electromagnetic and antenna theory.

Infrastructure Software Engineering Intern

We are looking for interns to work with Python, VMs, bash scripting, Kibana, PHP, etc., to work on infrastructure projects, such as an API to control VirtualBox VMs, a tool to set, schedule and send email reminders, and more.

Click ‘Apply Here’ to take you to the Google Form Application page to apply for a position. If you would like to be apply for multiple positions, please complete a new form and video for each position.

During your internship:

  • you will most likely work from our offices downtown SD, on our office days Tuesdays and Fridays.
    ***COVID-19 UPDATE: You will work from home during the current pandemic***
  • your main administrative contact will be Jason Kramer.
  • the main means of collaboration for remote interns are Slack and Zoom, and GitHub/GitLab (and Google Drive/Docs for marketing internships)
  • depending on your task, you may be provided with a laptop that remains at the office
  • you are required to provide timesheets for every calendar month based on our template (we need this to input your timesheets correctly into our accounting system)
  • you are required to use your ObjectSecurity email alias for all internship business, incl. any registrations on websites etc. Also please do not change your email in Gusto (our payroll system). We need this alias so we can “take over” from you when you leave after your internship

Also, interns are required to comply with the following IT equipment policies:

  • USE OF PERSONAL COMPUTER EQUIPMENT: You must ensure all company data is stored on your device in such a way that you can completely remove all data at the end of your internship. You will be asked to certify in an exit survey that you have completed this at the end of your internship. To facilitate this, please keep all company in a specific folder; for engineering, please use VMs as possible. Please ensure you provide all your data at the end of your internship before you wipe it.
  • PERSONAL MOBILE DEVICES: To avoid having you carry several mobile devices with you, you can use mobile devices for limited personal use, ensuring that all company data can be wiped at any time. In particular, permitted uses are: email (IMAP or POP3 with emails staying on the server), slack app, web page access to access online services etc. To wipe, ensure that deleting those apps will remove stored company data, browser caches are emptied, and email accounts are removed together with their data.

When your internship ends, we also require you to complete the “internship exit interview” (online), which asks you important questions related to the non-disclosure agreement and contractor agreement. We would also like to ask for your feedback as part of this interview.