easyVAPT Automated Binary Vulnerability Assessment. Accurate, quick, automated, inexpensive, easy. 

ObjectSecurity easyVAPT™ makes binary vulnerability analysis manageable through automation. Maximum security. Minimum effort.

1 Upload binaries

– many OS/CPUs supported
– simple drop upload

2 View results

– easy to understand at a glance
– details available (CWE, CVE, CWSS, …)

Watch the easyVAPT video.

Sit down, relax and see the easyVAPT pre-release in action. Ulrich Lang, Founder and CEO of ObjectSecurity, quickly walks you through the SaaS product.

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Need an on-prem or portable version? Or assisted extraction from embedded systems?

We currently have solutions of the VAPTBOX for those uses in beta. Please head over to the VAPTBOX page.

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security policy automation

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