ObjectSecurity is a reseller for US based Promia, Inc. Promia’s Raven™ Cyber asset and security management system provides a unified approach through a unique combination of capabilities in one product. ObjectSecurity’s OpenPMF can be integrated with Raven. No longer do you need to incur the cost, time or expensive skill sets to implement a comprehensive defense-in-depth solution.

The Raven™ system provides the following capabilities:

  • Asset Detection and Monitoring – The Raven AssetViewer provides the most advanced 3-D visualization of Cyber Assets. All systems are automatically discovered through passive and active scanning without flooding your network.
  • Security Event Management – Raven continuously monitors network events for security breaches using a combination of our highly tailored Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), proprietary network event monitor and third party IDS systems. We distill massive amounts of data down to a small set of critical incidents that demand your attention, while preserving event data remotely for further analysis.
  • UTM Threat Management – Through dynamic, inline blocking, you can immediately stop threats to your systems in response to security incidents. Raven has one of the industries most comprehensive block lists that alert you of malicious sources and allow you to stop them in their tracks.

Unique in the industry, Raven™ is Enterprise mission capable with the ability to monitor all remote enclaves (or subnets) via one common centralized interface. Manage security and asset incidents centrally where you have the expertise to handle them, while at the same time have direct access to remote sites for down to the wire analysis. The result is true Cyber Situational Awareness and Unparalleled ease of use through:

  • Most Advanced 3-D Visualization in the Industry- You can literally “fly” through your network from local to remote enclaves and back, all from a central management site. See what assets you have, their current status, what services are active and even dynamically detect new assets (authorized or not) at a glance.
  • Advanced Analytics – to interpret event activity and assign meaning to event data – no longer do you need to weed through mounds of alert data to figure out what’s happening on your network. We correlate, analyze and interpret network events and provide a succinct report of security breaches, unauthorized use, hacking attempts and even policy violations.
  • Seamless Web-based Interface – Accessible anywhere, anytime from a convenient, secured browser interface
  • Military Hardened – Tested and proven in harsh military environments. Raven was originally developed in conjunction with the US military including compliance for military DIACAP/DITSCAP common criteria standards.

Saving You Time and Money by…

  • Automating the Monitoring and Management of Your Cyber Assets
  • Offering You One Product for All of Your Asset and Security Management Needs
  • Dramatically Reducing the Number of Staff Required to Handle the Task
  • Eliminating the Need to Manage Multiple, Incompatible Systems
  • and Help You Achieve Compliance Without the Cost and Time to do it Manually.

Go to the Promia website for more information.