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MedConductor™. Security Policy Management Automation Platform for Hospitals and Healthcare providers.

Maximum security. Minimum effort. 

Using Health MedConductor™, hospitals and healthcare providers are able to prevent breaches and data leakage and capitalize on smart hospital savings.

MedConductor the Access Control “Umbrella”.

MedConductor the Access Control “Umbrella”.

MedConductor™ gives you powerful identity and access control implementation with effortless management. It provides “defense in depth” by restricting access to the minimum necessary – for privileged users (“admin-to-IT”), other users (“user-to-IT”) and machines (“IT-to-IT”).

MedConductor™ provides an identity and access control umbrella that protects hospitals through powerful, yet easy-to-manage consistent policies for many IT systems across the hospital from a central place.

Simplify Healthcare policy management.

MedConductor™ automatically detects and analyzes (Ai) common hospital IT systems such as medical record systems, business processes, users and their behaviors, IT systems and security posture. The analyzed information is used by MedConductor™ to automate large parts of policy management and IT integration.

This significantly simplifies policy management compared to conventional approaches, where identities, roles, and policies have to be managed in many places in frustrating, redundant, error-prone, and time-consuming ways.

Simplify and speed up policy management in Healthcare.

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MedConductor supports full attribute-based access control (ABAC).

Features and Benefits

  • MedConductor gives you powerful and easy-to-manage identity and access control that integrates with multiple hospital IT systems out of the box.

  • MedConductor simplifies and speeds up policy management for hospitals, does 360˚ big-data (Ai) analytics, “defense in depth”, protection for privileged users, other users, and machines.

  • MedConductor is a managed appliance plus support contract, making implementation and maintenance pain-free, quick and easy.

How it works?

  • Detect and import information about your networks, applications, systems, and users at the click of a button.

  • Manage identities, roles, and policies from one logical location. Analyze and visualize the information

  • Automate large parts of policy management and IT integration. Safe time and costs, stop breaches and data leakage.

Detect existing security policies.

Hospitals need consistent organization-wide access control implementation that grants access to the right information to the right people in the right context.

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