Whitepaper: Control both hacker pivots and insider leaks

This whitepaper first explains how hackers typically enter their target organization and then move laterally (“pivot”) on to valuable assets. It explains how most organizations are overwhelmed, understaffed and/or underfunded when it comes to Cybersecurity. These constraints create a critical need to prioritize on the most critical Cybersecurity measures.

Whitepaper: OpenPMF Security Policy Automation and Management

Because of less-than-optimal security, many organizations cannot fully leverage the benefits of IT automation, and cannot protect well from breaches of their increasingly large and interconnected IT landscapes. It is hard to manage and implement access control that gives everyone (and every device) the access they need but no more, because this requires many complex, dynamic access rules.

“OpenPMF automates policy management, giving you the assurance that your security mechanisms are actually enforcing the policies you specify.”

— Dr. Alan Karp, HP Labs