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Throughout the year, ObjectSecurity organizes much appreciated and well-attended webinars for technical and commercial Cybersecurity professionals.

Our webinars are always hands-on and with a limited group of attendees to have maximum of value. You will learn the ins and outs of Security Policy Automation and Management. This by hands on demonstrations, presentations of customer cases and the experience of our team members that will give first hand experience info and knowledge.

Upcoming webinars:

  • Security Policy Automation 360: April 27 2017 Time: 10AM – 11AM PST
  • Security Policy Automation 360: June 29 2017 Time: 10AM – 11AM PST


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 Webinar Security Policy Automation 360. April 27 30 2017 10AM – 11AM PST
 Webinar Security Policy Automation 360. June 29 2017 10AM – 11AM PST

“OpenPMF automates policy management, giving you the assurance that your security mechanisms are actually enforcing the policies you specify.”

— Dr. Alan Karp, HP Labs