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SecureMiddleware is a sophisticated secure, model-driven open source CORBA based middleware platform with security extensions. OpenPMF powers SecureMiddleware’s security features.

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Semantic XWiki

SemanticXWiki integrates XWiki, a state-of-the-art Wiki technology project with Apache Jena, the latest semantic web technology. It can be used with OpenPMF.

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KPIT medini analyze

KPIT medini analyze implements core activities of functional safety, reliability & quality analysis and integrates them with the existing engineering processes. ObjectSecurity is a USA reseller for KPIT.

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Promia Raven

Promia Raven is an asset monitoring/detection, security incident monitoring, and policy management product. ObjectSecurity OpenPMF can be integrated with Raven for appliance-based, high-assurance. ObjectSecurity resells Raven, and partners with Promia on the TrustWand joint venture

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