ObjectSecurity OpenPMF™ 4.0 Security Policy Automation

OpenPMF™ Makes Security Policy Manageable Through Automation

Because of less-than-optimal security, many organizations cannot fully leverage the benefits of IT automation, and cannot protect well from breaches of their increasingly large and interconnected IT landscapes. It is hard to manage and implement access control that gives everyone (and every device) the access they need but no more, because this requires many complex, dynamic access rules. There are too many rules, and frequent changes happen. And human errors happen. The needed policies are too hard to author and maintain and too hard to technically integrate and implement. Today’s overworked IT departments do not have the resources to author/maintain too many technical access rules, or manually integrate tools into their IT landscape. As a result, today often less-than-optimal access controls are implemented (often purely based on identities and roles).
OpenPMF helps you implement better access policies: you can effectively implement the necessary access control policies across your IT landscape based on rich attributes including location, time and context. Unlike competing technologies, OpenPMF makes access policies both manageable and implementable. It integrates out of the box with numerous standards and technologies, and automates much of policy authoring.
OpenPMF has already developed/deployed, patented over 16 years, and its effectiveness has been validated in several deployments across several industry verticals. ObjectSecurity as a vendor is here to stay: The company has been in the market for 16 years.
OpenPMF is the “umbrella” for IT access control management. It allows organizations to implement rich access policies with organization-wide consistency in a way that is easy to implement, manage, audit. It reduces risk/costs, improve security, improve compliance, and enable smarter organizations.
OpenPMF automatically bridges the semantic gap between human intuitive generic security policies and technical implementation. Author rich, generic, advanced policies. Automatically calculate the matching technical rules & configurations.

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