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ObjectSecurity is KPIT medini analyze reseller for North America.

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ObjectSecurity is a reseller for Germany based KPIT medini division. medini analyze is an integrated tool solution which efficiently implements core activities of functional safety, reliability & quality analysis and integrates them with the existing engineering processes.

medini analyze is an integrated solution for ISO 26262 activities with support for concept, system, software and hardware levels. It integrates with several tools in the engineering environment and produces safety work products in an automated fashion.

In order to build a safety case, several leading OEMs and Tier1s use medini analyze in their projects requiring functional safety implementation.

medini analyze offers:

  • An integrated solution for many of analysis activities recommended by ISO 26262
  • Standard compliant work with minimal effort
  • Support from concept phase to production and operation
  • Numerous interfaces to other tools of the engineering environment
  • Automatic assurance of the consistency of work products
  • High degree of re-usability due to library, catalog and template mechanisms
  • Automatic generation of the work products required by ISO 26262
  • Sophisticated support of assessments and reviews

medini analyze integrates among others with Doors, Matlab Simulink and Stateflow, Rational Rhapsody, EnterpriseArchitect, MS Office as well as with commonly used version and task/workflow management systems.

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