ObjectSecurity’s founder/CEO Dr. Ulrich Lang will present an advanced Hackers & Threats session at RSA Conference 2022, 07-10 February 2022 in San Francisco, CA. Please join us for the presentation and/or meet Dr. Lang during the conference week.

Type/Format:Track Sessions
Session Track:Hackers & Threats Advanced
Session Code:HTA-M03
Scheduled Date:02/07/2022
Scheduled Time: 10:50:00 AM Pacific Time
Session Length:50 Minutes
Session Title:Embedded/ICS/IOT Reverse Engineering – What Can Be Automated?
Session Classification:Advanced
Abstract:Reverse engineering is generally a manual, expensive, non-scalable process done by reverse engineering experts. It’s especially hard for embedded/ICS/IOT. This session will deep-dive into several years of R&D done to answer the question: what of embedded/ICS/IOT RE can be automated so that the process can be operated by a non-expert (to scale the analysis across many devices)?
Speaker: Ulrich Lang, CEO, ObjectSecurity LLC