(San Diego, CA, 7/8/2020) ObjectSecurity, The Security Automation Company, was selected as a participant by AFWERX for the Base of the Future – “Leveraging Technology for Operational Effectiveness Showcase“. AFWERX is a United States Air Force program with the goal of fostering a culture of innovation within the service. ObjectSecurity was selected for their solution titled “Differential Stimulus for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) Training”.

Our highly innovative “Differential Stimulus” technology is a solution component to support AI/ML based anomalies detection and analytics. A main challenge in AI/ML-based anomalies detection is to ensure that the training data baseline is free of anomalies, which is very difficult to ensure for already deployed systems – e.g., in the case of IT intrusion detection, the baseline might already include undetected intrusions.

Our technology greatly improves the probability to detect such anomalies and therefore greatly improves AI/ML based anomalies detection.

The proposed Differential Stimulus technology is an innovative solution component for AI and Machine Learning especially in real time intrusion detection and anomaly detection systems. It specifically addresses the correctness of the training data, which is critical for AI/ML. If the training data includes anomalies labeled as legitimate data or events, then later the system will not be able to identify as anomalies. In our practical work, we have seen that this is a major challenge, especially in already deployed systems, where the operators do not know that the system is already silently compromised, and therefore train the anomalies detection with incorrectly labeled data. Importantly, it can be used to find “hidden” attributes which were not known during the training process. Our technology address one of the key issues in using AI/ML for anomalies detection, and can provide great value to many AI/ML based efforts at the Air Force and beyond, in order to establish trust in training for intrusion and anomalies detection, and to provide further insights into already existing data sets. It can easily be integrated with existing and newly developed systems, and can also be used to evaluate already trained and deployed AI/ML based intrusion and anomalies detection systems. @objectsecurity  |  #AFWERXFusion2020  |  #BOTFChallengeShowcase