We will present our VAPTBOX at the ToorCon 21 Demo/Lightning Round on November 8th, 2019 in San Diego, CA. Our presentation is titled “AI HACKER! Automatic vulnerability assessment & pen-testing of embedded & other systems:

We present the results of our R&D to develop an intelligent automated vulnerability assessor and penetration tester (VAPT), usable as a virtual appliance for use on enterprise networks or cyber ranges, and as a portable device for use on embedded systems. It consists of two parts, an

  • AI-supported vulnerability assessor, and an
  • AI-supported penetration tester.

In one use case it intelligently automates software vulnerability assessment for embedded systems; in another use case, it intelligently automates the tasks of an ethical hacker (penetration tester) via the network, finding systems on the network, discovering vulnerabilities, and exposing them.