COACH (an EU IST project 2002-2004) –  developed a component based open source architecture for distributed telecom applications. COACH realises a flexible and complete Open Source component framework based on the CORBA Component Model (CCM) standard of the Object Management Group (OMG). COACH allows the rapid transformation of architecture and design level components to execution level ones according to the OMG’s Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) approach. As part of COACH, ObjectSecurity developed the first model-driven security (MDS) Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) solution in the market.

Project goals:

  • Security: Developed by consortium partner ObjectSecurity, OpenPMF is a new security architecture supports the flexible enforcement of consistent enterprise-wide security policies.
  • Tool Chain: COACH provides a complete CCM tool chain supporting the OMG Interface Definition Language (IDL), the Component Implementation Definition Language (CIDL), packaging and assembling, and XML descriptors.
  • Flexible Containers: COACH develops a new flexible runtime container technology  allowing the design, development, and deployment of standard CCM containers, transparently managing system services like  activation, communication, notification, security, transaction,  and persistency, but also of new application specific containers, e.g. managing logging, real-time, and fault-tolerance services. This allows us to build dependable and adaptable distributed applications suitable for the telecom domain.
  • Deployment Infrastructure: COACH provides a distributed deployment infrastructure to support manual and automatic efficient application deployment on heterogeneous distributed hardware platforms

Project results:

  • Model Driven Security (MDS) Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) architecture
    – Platform independent definition of security policies
    – Policy definition language
    – Platform specific enforcement for CCM
    – First working Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) solution in the market
  • Complete Open Source CCM platform
    – IDL/CIDL compilers
    – Code generators for Java and C++
    – Flexible container framework
    – Packaging and assembling tools
    – Deployment infrastructure
    – Telecom specific CCM adaptations including QoS and Security support
    – Support for multiple ORB products
  • Modelling support
    – UML modelling profile for CCM
    – Modelling profile for QoS and stream interactions
    – Modelling profile for deployment and configuration specifications
    – CCM metamodel based repository
  • Component test environment
    – Component test framework for test specification, test implementation, and test execution
    – Runtime visualization of component interactions
    – Interactive or scripted component testing
  • Telecom Applications
    – Network Management Framework
    – Parlay Platform
  • New OMG specifications
  • Improvement of the CCM specification