Walk virtually through your information flows. ObjectSecurity OpenPMF  now supports virtual reality and 3D (beta version).  OpenPMF 3D automatically creates a graph (nodes + edges) visualization of the imported information about your systems and applications alongside the “drag and drop” visualization that has been supported for several years. ObjectSecurity’s SCRAMS product (robust prototype) also supports virtual reality and 3D (alpha version).



How do you use it:


  • get any Google Cardboard compatible viewer starting at $7.
  • get your Android smartphone
    (the visualization works best on Android, but works partially on iPhone too)
  • optionally connect any Bluetooth keyboard to your smartphone if you want to navigate using a keyboard
  • open on your phone to see a demo: https://objectsecurity.com/vrdemo (OpenPMF) or https://objectsecurity.com/scramsvr (SCRAMS)
    – Android: search in the search bar to open;
    – iPhone search in Safari, then select the share symbol at the bottom, and select “Add to Home Screen” – then find the new button in your apps and click on it (this way it will be full-screen)
  • move your head around until you can see the graph,
  • move forward by pressing the button on your Cardboard viewer (or navigate using the cursor keys on your bluetooth keyboard)
  • point the virtual cursor on any node to see the name of the node
  • Enjoy 😉


UPDATE – April 2019: VR support now also works on all latest Android and iOS versions ( thanks to Kevin 😉 )