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Walk virtually through your information flows. ObjectSecurity OpenPMF  now supports virtual reality and 3D (beta version).  OpenPMF 3D automatically creates a graph (nodes + edges) visualization of the imported information about your systems and applications alongside the “drag and drop” visualization that has been supported for several years.



How do you use it:


  • get any Google Cardboard compatible viewer starting at $7.
  • get your Android smartphone
    (the visualization works best on Android, but works partially on iPhone too)
  • connect any Bluetooth keyboard to your smartphone so you can navigate
  • open on your phone to see a demo
    – Android: search in the search bar to open;
    – iPhone search in Safari, then select the share symbol at the bottom, and select “Add to Home Screen” – then find the new button in your apps and click on it (this way it will be full-screen)
  • move your head around until you can see the graph, and navigate towards using the cursor keys on your keyboard (this only works partially on iPhone)
  • point the virtual cursor on any node to see the name of the node (note: this does not work on iPhone yet)
  • Enjoy 😉


  • open in your Chrome web browser on your computer
    (fully works with Chrome, mostly works with Mozilla, not yet working with IE/Edge)
  • use the cursor keys on your keyboard to navigate around
  • wish you had a VR viewer 😉



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