We are pleased to announce that Ulrich Lang, CEO/Founder ObjectSecurity, will take main stage at the Cloud Identity Summit 2017. To talk about Security Policy Automation.

Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) converges the brightest minds across the identity and security industry. It is supported by expert speakers sharing best practices and lessons learned from real-world deployments.  I, along with executives from industry-leading companies including Google, Microsoft, ObjectSecurity, Ping Identity, Optiv, Radiant Logic, Salesforce, and many others, will be speaking at the event—introducing the newest trends and methods in cloud identity and security.

Ulrich will be speaking  on June 22 2017 at 9.30AM and will present several case studies that discuss Identity and Access Management (IAM) in clinical environments.

And in these hospital IT case studies you will learn the challenges and solutions around implementing cyber-physical security – the lessons learnt are broadly applicable. In this case study, we will present various challenges we encountered when implementing cybersecurity for a safety-critical cyber/physical, mixed enterprise/IoT environment (hospital IT in our case study). We found many challenges due to technology barriers, organizational barriers, and more. You will learn various practical takeaways how to effectively secure complex cyber/physical environments.

With a stellar keynote lineup and over 140 masterclasses and session tracks, CIS is the best opportunity this year to meet in one location with identity, cloud and security experts from around the globe. I am excited to be speaking at this event and hope you will join me.

And as an official CIS speaker partner Company at CIS 2017, we are able to offer you a special discount. To get this discount, use the code: SPEAK17! when you register. Go here to register.

Thank you and we hope to see you at CIS 2017!