SAN FRANCISCO, CA,February 13, 2017 — ObjectSecurity®, the industry leader in security policy automation, today announced that the company’s new OpenPMF 4.0 Security Policy Management solution will be officially launched at a series of special OpenPMF 4.0 launch events during the annual RSA Conference 2017, February 13-17 in San Francisco.

OpenPMF is already used successfully to improve cybersecurity for military, governments and enterprises around the world. And ObjectSecurity now proudly introduces the new release OpenPMF 4.0. OpenPMF 4.0 is the next step forward in identity, access control and policy Management. OpenPMF 4.0 offers intelligent automated policy management, on premises and in the cloud. It helps to simplify and to automate security policy management.

OpenPMF 4.0 stops security breaches and provides powerful security policy implementation that is effortless to manage, allowing users to improve protection, monitoring, testing, and documenting – for information, users and devices.

OpenPMF 4.0’s features includes:

  • Import information about systems, applications, data flows, users, alerts etc.
  • Import existing technical policies, e.g. access control configs, roles etc.
  • Author security policies that are intuitive, generic, rich, customizable.
  • Generate technical enforcement rules and configurations, e.g. for access control.
  • Test using formal methods, and document for audit & compliance.
  • Enforce consistent “defense in depth” across your IT via OpenPMF’s own enforcement infrastructure or export into existing 3rd party products.
  • Monitor policy enforcement alerts in the monitoring console help policy management & remediation.
  • Update technical enforcement automatically if your IT landscape changes and customize OpenPMF 4.0 for your needs.

“We are very proud and excited to introduce OpenPMF 4.0. After being successful already with many clients globally in enterprise, military and government, we expect to help our clients even more to improve security significantly and grow our footprint and global leadership with OpenPMF 4.0. ”

Ulrich Lang, PhD, CEO/Founder of ObjectSecurity.

About ObjectSecurity:

ObjectSecurity’s mission is to simplify security for the complex, interconnected IT landscapes most organizations deal with today. The company’s primary focus is simplified, automated security management and secure IT application integration, led by its core product — OpenPMF 4.0, the leading security policy automation platform.

OpenPMF 4.0 stops security breaches with powerful policy enforcement through patented “model-driven security” automation. Launched in 2000 by CEO/Founder Ulrich Lang, the company has two independently operated entities: ObjectSecurity LLC in San Diego, CA, and its European company, ObjectSecurity Ltd., in Cambridge, UK. The employee-owned company works with partners and clients in more than 25 countries across the globe.

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