In today’s world there is not one day passing by without new a hacks or leak. The right knowledge is key to ensure that your organisation has the right measure in place to damage control hacker pivots and insider leaks. In this whitepaper, Dr. Ulrich Lang (CEO/Founder ObjectSecurity) discusses the top 10 things you need to know about how to damage-control both hacker pivots and insider leaks both in enterprise IT and the internet of things.

To frame the discussion, the whitepaper first explains how hackers typically enter their target organization and then move laterally (“pivot”) on to valuable assets. It then explains how most organizations are overwhelmed, understaffed and/or underfunded when it comes to cybersecurity. These constraints create a critical need to prioritize on the most critical cybersecurity measures.

However, often these priorities are unclear or hard to determine, leading to less-than-optimal cybersecurity product purchases and/or activities. This is because the metrics about which overarching cybersecurity priorities matter most are by-and-large not well-established or well- accepted by the cybersecurity industry – making it very difficult for customers to know what to do first and what is a “nice to have”.

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