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The proposed new EU data protection regime extends the scope of the EU data protection law to all foreign companies processing data of EU residents. ObjectSecurity is helping their existing clients and partners, and some new,  very successful to get technical GDRP compliant.

First we at ObjetcSecurity decided to coopertae with specialist GDRP companies to support clients in this process. But along thew way we came to the conclusion that there is Lots of legal advice and checklists, but very little on concrete technical implementation on GDRP. We noticed that for many of our clients and partners there was a huge issue/gap.

One of our clients said to me: ” For GDRP You need to be able to report data breaches within 72 hours. But How you do this? How do you, first of all, DETECT a data breach. And How do you assess the damage? (Rudolf Schreiner, CTO/Founder, ObjectSecurity). 

What we do for our clients and partner so get them GDPR compliant.

We do Analysis of existing systems/applications like Document data and processes, Risk analysis (security of systems, detection of data breaches). We’d do this tool supported and systematic, not just based on Word docs or Excel. The goal is to create an initial database of all relevant information that suppiorts a quick and cost effective GDPR compliance process.

Most appreciated the support we offer with the technical implementation of GDRP. This includes restriction of data access and processing , Policy based data deletion/encryption/pseudonymisation/anonymisation, Data encryption, pseudonymisation/anonymisation, data breach detection and respons and migration of existing systems and development of new systems to Privacy and Security by Design.

Our #1 focus is on on improving the overall security of our clients systems during the GDPR process. We see it as useless and a waist of cost and time that many are only focusing on getting compliant, while we have experienced now, that  GDPR can be a very useful instrument to improve overall security and privacy, reduce costs for your overall security and privacy.  

Want to learn more or discuss your needs go to our GDPR services page or get in touch with us today via gdpr@objectsecurity.com.

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