Hello IAM Meetup members!

Happy to announce another meetup on October 6, 2016, 5-7 PM at Stone Brewery at Liberty Station. The format will be a little different this time: We will have a presentation by event sponsor ObjectSecurity who will also sponsor some drinks for attendees.

The presentation will be at 5:30PM, and there will be time afterwards for open discussions.

TITLE: Access Control in 2016 – What you need to know to stay ahead

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Access control implementation is critical but increasingly complex. You will learn: traditional approaches are often insufficient; new approaches available; which ones to use for which environment. During the presentation ObjectSecurity’s CEO Dr. Ulrich Lang will cover:

  • Understand the problem that Access Control implementation today is frequently inadequate, not well-understood, and confusing
  • Access control background: present a brief history of access control
  • impact of today’s/tomorrow’s IT environments on access control implementations
  • impact of today’s/tomorrow’s policies on access control implementations
  • new/emerging access control approaches
  • which access control is right for which use case
  • reality check & conclusion

You can sign up here, to join the IAM San Diego Meetup.