San Diego, CA, USA – 18 July 2016 – ObjectSecurity®, The Security Policy Automation Company™, today announced that it has won a second award phase to commercialize National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s Access Control Policy Tool (ACPT) testing technology. The Automated Access Control Policy Testing System (A-ACPTS) developed under the award will be integrated into ObjectSecurity’s core product OpenPMF™, which makes access control policies more effective and manageable.

A-ACPTS addresses a significant gap in the fast-growing cyber security market: Preventive AC policy implementation improves protection, but is often too complex, time-consuming and expensive to implement. A-ACPTS enables manageable, easy-to-use, advanced access control policy testing.

ObjectSecurity’s CEO Dr. Ulrich Lang said: “We are seeing an increasing number of requests for access control policy testing from our customers. A-ACPTS will be the first commercially available testing tool that addresses this demand for rich access control policies.”

A-ACPTS Phase 2 extends and commercializes NIST Access Control Policy Tool (ACPT) with numerous innovations that improve testing beyond the state of the art, including model-driven security testing, simulation, and testing/-re-testing automation. A-ACPTS has already been partly implemented during SBIR Phase 1, and will be rapidly developed towards commercial viability during Phase 2. It will become available as both a cloud service and an on-premises appliance based on the OpenPMF platform. A pre-release version is made available to selected existing customers.

A-ACPTS is most useful for organizations that operate large, interconnected IT landscapes, critically rely on IT for their operation, process confidential information, are critical/safety-critical or regulated.

ABOUT OBJECTSECURITY – Founded in 2000 by leading information security experts, ObjectSecurity has offices in San Diego, CA, and Cambridge, UK. ObjectSecurity has an excellent track record securing many enterprises and government agencies. Its core product OpenPMF™ bridges the semantic gap between human intuitive generic security policies and technical implementation. Users can manage security policies in customizable terms that matter to their organization. From these security policies, OpenPMF automatically produces technical security rules/configurations, and various exports for audit and compliance. Major organizations in Europe and the United States use OpenPMF to reduce cost, improve security, and speed up accreditation/compliance (more about us).

For more information please contact Martijn Kolenbrander via e-mail, [email protected] or phone,  +1-650-515-3391

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