Dr. Olaf Kath and Dr. Marc Born join ObjectSecurity as board advisors

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ObjectSecurity, an information security leader and the leading security policy automation company globally, today announced that hi-tech entrepreneurs Dr. Olaf Kath and Dr. Marc Born will be joining ObjectSecurity as board advisors. The new board advisors will assist ObjectSecurity in raising growth capital, increasing OpenPMF’s market share in IIoT and automotive, and combining model-driven safety and model-driven security technologies.

Both Dr. Born and Dr. Kath have been co-founders of IKV++, the leading model-driven safety company, which they recently sold to KPIT Technologies, a 10,000 employee, US$500 million annual revenue company. IKV++ has been a partner of ObjectSecurity since 2008, and there has been growing demand for technologies to manage both safety and cybersecurity together. While still working at Fraunhofer Fokus, both Dr. Kath and Dr. Born have partnered with ObjectSecurity on joint R&D contracts since 2002.

Dr. Marc Born was CTO of ikv++ technologies ag and in his position responsible for the technical development and the product strategy of the company since 2005. His main interest is in development and functional safety analysis of embedded systems in the automotive domain. Marc has deep knowledge in functional safety standards as well as in the related safety analysis methods. Before joining ikv Marc was with the research institute Fraunhofer Fokus in Berlin, where he founded and led the business unit Model Driven System Integration and Development of Competence Center Platin. In 2002, Marc received his PhD from the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin for his work on a method for component-based development of distributes telecommunication systems. Marc studied Computer Science at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and received his master degree in 1996. Dr. Marc Born is currently CTO of KPIT medini Technologies AG.

Dr. Olaf Kath has been Chief Executive Officer of IKV Technologies AG since January, 2006. Dr. Kath has been engaged in the introduction of model based technologies and methodologies into customer processes since 2001. He completed his PhD in 2001 at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin, at the institute for computer sciences. Dr. Kath is currently Leader for Functional Safety at KPIT medini Technologies AG.

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