Our Law Firm team in Mauritius in this blog will explain to you what are the requirements for an attorney. As the first element to evaluate you must take into account your essence of being human, special particularity to wish to choose to be a lawyer or lawyer.

Once you know, this should be very close to the group of lovers of principles and values, is a fundamental requirement, as they will be the guarantee for personal growth and the ideal accompaniment for those who seek your services.

Take care of your health, because in this vocation you will listen to the problems of the people: economic, emotional, personality, among others and in most cases they are not solved with the right celebrity, so to do sport, to eat healthy, to take care of your mind And body will give you the necessary energy. Otherwise, you will suffer from hypertension, moodiness, stress and fatty liver passage.

Understanding that intellectual ability, talent and academic success do not make you a good lawyer or advocate, rather long for justice, long for the truth, are the measure that makes you understand the value of this vocation.

The Lawyer, because it is a career that belongs to the Social Sciences, must show and possess an interest in the common good, in the social, not necessarily become altruistic, but conscious that we deserve Equality and Justice.

If you like to be a transmitter of information of people, and you seek to achieve the greatest reach in a short time about what you “commented”, be careful! Because you will be the confidante of your client, and it would be more appropriate that you manage to forget where you keep the secrets, after each case, otherwise you will become the worst enemy of those who seeks you.

For this it is necessary to have an independent thought, to know to listen to advice, but to understand that the analysis, the reading, the investigation, will make you construct the Right that you are looking for, that will be your reflection, your mirror, more than the titles and masters, You prepare, more Lawyer you are.

The Lawyer or Lawyer at the time of applying Law, can not allow any interference with their professional independence, and this leads to autonomy and professional freedom, always respecting the will of the people because they are the owners of their destiny, you are A counsellor who shows them the legal paths.

If you are a person who asks for everything, there are other careers that you could choose, for certainly part of the success is to listen to advice, but it is your inner and autonomous being that must become an enemy of ignorance, the law evolves and is the reflection of society That you have, and an ignorant lawyer is more harmful than any illness

Do not NEVER: cheat clients, commit fraud, use the trap in your favour, delay cases, accept and offer bribes, or be a cousin of clientelism.

What you should always carry with you are Honesty, Morality and Ethics. The law is very broad and you can develop in different specialities, do not doubt that you will find a field that you like and feel comfortable with these principles.