ObjectSecurity, a leading security policy automation company globally, today announced that the company has won a NIST SBIR phase 1 contract to commercialize NIST’s Access Control Policy Testing (ACPT) technology. ObjectSecurity will commercialize a first version of the technology by the end of Q1/2016.

ObjectSecurity® wins SBIR Phase II award to commercialize NIST’s access control policy testing tool within OpenPMF™

(Updated July 18, 2016)

“The Automated Access Control Policy Testing System (A-ACPTS) project extends and transitions NIST’s Access Control Policy Tool (ACPT) toward commercialization. The core challenge is to research and develop an ACPT-based tool and a method of automating as many of the inputs into the model checking as possible, with the goal of making the testing more usable, less error-prone, and more efficient. A-ACPTS will enable the specification of properties and policies at a generic, “undistorted” level of abstraction, and by feeding existing information sources into the tool with a high degree of automated and semantic consistency, so that the policy testing can be fast, easy, and correct.”

More Informtion about Automated Access Control Policy Testing System (A-ACPTS) from NIST: https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/827855)

ABOUT OBJECTSECURITY – Founded in 2000 by leading information security experts, ObjectSecurity has offices in San Diego & San Francisco, CA, USA, and in Cambridge, UK. OpenPMF™ Security Policy Automation is a software product that turns human-manageable security policies automatically into the matching preventive technical implementation.

OpenPMF automatically bridges the semantic gap between human intuitive generic security policies and technical implementation. You can manage security policies in customizable terms that matter to your organization. Fromthese, it automatically produces technical security rules/configurations, and various exports for audit and compliance. Reduces cost, improves security, speeds up accreditation/compliance, supports today’s complex policies & IT landscapes. OpenPMF is used by major organizations in Europe and the United States. ObjectSecurity has an excellent track record securing many enterprises and government agencies.

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