TrustWand “Best Pitch Award” at IEEE-Sponsored Workshop

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ObjectSecurity LLC and Promia, Inc. today announced that they won the “Best Pitch Award” for their TrustWand™ ObjectSecurity/Promia joint venture. Dr. Ulrich Lang, CEO of ObjectSecurity, presented the TrustWand™ pitch at on 28 March 2014 at the IEEE sponsored “Cyber Security Entrepreneurial Workshop” A recording of the presentation is available online (

Dr. Lang, ObjectSecurity CEO, says: “We are delighted to have received this award, which underscores the significance of the TrustWand approach. The Promia/ObjectSecurity joint venture TrustWand brings together and extend several successful technology components (that our companies ObjectSecurity LLC & Promia, Inc. have already developed and deployed) in a unique integrated “top-down & bottom-up” architecture that helps solve the identified challenges with a high degree of user control, visibility and automation.”

John Mullen, Promia CEO, says: ‘In TrustWand™’s unique architecture, all components (which can be used via APIs) leverage each other, so the sum is much greater than its parts: Asset management (system description); manageable security policy authoring; automated security policy enforcement; Policy-driven incident monitoring & intrusion detection; and compliance automation. We are currently building TrustWand using project revenue, and are at the same time looking for investment in the joint venture”

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