ObjectSecurity, the leader for application security policy automation, today announced that they are part of a consortium that has been awarded a 3 year collaborative research and development (R&D) project with the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme (FP7). The project is called CRISIS, which stands for “CRitical Incident management training System using an Interactive Simulation” environment. The Goal of the CRISIS Collaborative Project is to research and develop in Europe:

  1. A training and simulation environment that will focus on real-time decision making and response to simulated but realistic crises or critical incidents, focusing primarily on problem diagnosis, planning, re-planning, and acting, rather than just procedural training or familiarity with policies;
  2. A distributed, secure, scalable, collaborative and interactive simulation and on-demand-training environment for crisis management training in airports, of individuals, teams, and teams of teams, working across multiple levels of an organisation, between organisations, and across different nations at a command post levels; and
  3. A software architecture that will be capable of being readily re-configured and used for different scenarios at other airports, transport hubs, and other critical sites like power plants or factories;
  4. A flexible platform that can also function as a test-bed and evaluation tool for new and current operational procedures, information sharing and planning tools.

ObjectSecurity’s multi-person-year contribution involves the development of a model-driven architecture for secure information sharing. This architecture will allow different stakeholders to carry out training together while restricting access and information flow based on high-level security policy requirements. ObjectSecurity anticipates that the contribution will involve information modelling, information exchange modelling, model-driven security, various application platforms and more.

Dr. Ulrich Lang, CEO and co-founder of ObjectSecurity comments: “This project allows us to finally develop the next steps to achieve our vision for security and compliance policy automation for today’s mission-critical, interconnected software application landscapes. We are pleased to work with such a competent and experienced project consortium.”