ObjectSecurity, the leader for application security policy automation, and Promia, Inc., a leading provider of intrusion detection and security technologies to government and industry,  today announced that they have been tasked a project milestone by US Navy to design a vision blueprint and XML information assurance features for the US Navy SOA information assurance features. As part of the ongoing and proposed future work, Promia and ObjectSecurity will jointly develop a next-generation full-stack, high-assurance security intrusion detection and enforcement product, using their respective products ObjectSecurity OpenPMF and Promia Raven. This project is particularly relevant for Department of Defense (DoD) adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), private Cloud applications, and virtualization technologies. ObjectSecurity and Promia already announced a strategic partnership in 2007. The agreement makes market access for ObjectSecurity in the US and for Promia in Europe easier.

Dr. Ulrich Lang, CEO and co-founder of ObjectSecurity commented: “We are extremely excited to be part of this ground-breaking project, which has the potential to revolutionize security and compliance across the full technology stack for SOA and Cloud applications. This is a highly innovative combination of security and compliance policy management and enforcement capabilities, intrusion detection / monitoring / reporting capabilities, a hardened hardware appliance, and application security for SOA and Cloud”. John Mullen, CEO and co-founder of Promia added:” This project moves our product strategy forward together with ObjectSecurity, Nuparadigm, and HP Labs technology (ZBAC)”.