ObjectSecurity receives “Product of the Year 2009” award

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ObjectSecurity today announced that it has been awarded the University of  Cambridge Computer Lab Ring’s “Product of the Year 2009” award for their OpenPMF product. Developed by University of Cambridge Computer Lab PhD Dr. Ulrich Lang and ObjectSecurity’s expert team since 2000, OpenPMF™ is a security extension for application development tools. It provides an easy-to-use, cost-saving way to automatically make business security & compliance objectives happen for today’s large, interconnected, rapidly evolving applications (e.g. BPM, SOA, Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, Web 2.0). OpenPMF generates technical security policies for applications and processes at the click of a button. It also automatically enforces and monitors security, and it uniquely minimizes the security maintenance cost for agile applications and workflows. OpenPMF automatically drives business security into software applications. In particular, it tackles the challenges:

  • How can business-led security & compliance people make security requirements happen across complex, evolving, agile, and interconnected IT applications? And even if they do not have the expertise to configure fine-grained application & workflow security, or to tell developers what to do?
  • How can technology-driven application developers and business process modelers (BPM) make business security happen with minimal effort? And even though they have no time, incentive, tools or expertise to do security?
  • How can security be managed cost-effectively despite today’s rapid evolution (“agility”) of business, security, and applications (e.g. SOA / BPM)?


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