ObjectSecurity, the leading solutions provider for Model Driven Security Management today announced that it has been awarded a £50,000 (US$100,000) consulting contract by the UK Cyber Security Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), which is funded by the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board. The project involves a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) security concerns analysis report with input from the KTN and the wider community. Several workshops are held in London to facilitate a dialogue, and a website with collaboration tools is available on www.secure-soa.info.

Dr. Ulrich Lang, CEO and co-founder of ObjectSecurity says “We are excited to work on this project. The open nature of the project allows us to bring all involved stakeholders together and facilitate a discussion about how to move SOA security forward.”

“’We are delighted to be working with ObjectSecurity.  This is a complex topic on which there is plethora of views.  We are looking forward to being able to circulate a useful and exploitable white paper which will get to the core of the problem. We expect the at the output will incorporate the expertise of a wide and diverse stakeholder group.”, Nigel Jones and Ralph James from the Cyber Security KTN say.