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ObjectSecurity, the leading solutions provider for middleware security in mission-critical industries such as air traffic control, announced today that it has launched SimulateWorld™, a new software product that can simulate secure information integration in a realistic 4D (3D + time) environment. One of the main differentiators with other simulation products is that SimulateWorld can be integrated with secure middleware technologies in the same way the real world is integrated. Various virtual sensor types are available, such as radars and vehicle positions, and other sensor types can be flexibly added as plug-ins. Furthermore, objects in the simulation world can be remote-controlled manually or automatically via the same consistent component-based middleware approach to allow the simulation of human behaviour, events, and sensors.

One of the main intended uses of SimulateWorld is the demonstration of secure information integration prototypes before they get deployed in the real world. For example, disasters such as aircraft crashes can be visually simulated, which triggers an automatic homeland security alarm system across multiple organisations, such as the fire department and an airport. Once the secure information integration infrastructure meets the requirements of all involved parties, it can easily be “unplugged” from the simulator and “plugged” into the real sensors.

This makes it a critical tool to get stakeholder buy-in, especially when several agencies are involved. Stakeholders can see and test the functionality information sharing (shared situational awareness and collaborative decision making) infrastructure and fine-tune it to maximise the benefits. The strong security of the underlying SecureMiddleware/OpenPMF/ObjectWall bundle allows stakeholders to participate in the simulation without jeopardising their information assets or the operational safety of their real-world systems.

It is most useful in homeland security, air transportation, and defence where many stakeholders can be involved information integration is often also a political challenge.

These screenshots show the SimulateWorld 4D virtual reality environment (based on FlightGear, an open source flight simulator) from the perspective of an aircraft – fully remote-controlled via SecureMiddleware, and with virtual radar and GPS sensors. You can manually fly aircraft like in an off-the-shelf flight simulator, while all sensors will automatically generate the same data as in the real world (e.g. position data).

SimulateWorld is the generic first part of a new product range that will be diversified to include specialised functionalities for air traffic management & airports, homeland security, integrated transport systems, and defence.

These screenshots show the GPS position viewer prototype (based on virtual and real GPS) and the radar (based on the virtual aircraft radar plug-in) – each deployed on different computers, integrated seamlessly using ObjectSecurity’s SecureMiddleware information integration platform. Additional sensors are available as add-ons.

An important feature of the SimulateWorld architecture is that these sensor feeds can easily be replaced by the real sensor when the prototyped and agreed information integration architecture is ready to be deployed in the real-world.

This screenshot shows the OpenPMF security management console that is used to protect the information integration middleware. Security policy violations can be detected in real-time for the entire distributed system from a convenient, central management console. The information integration infrastructure also includes SecureMiddleware and the ObjectWall firewall.

This innovative new tool is a critical part of ObjectSecurity’s customer-focussed approach to information integration: Simulate & test it first, then deploy it in the real world. Contact ObjectSecurity if you would like to see a demonstration of SimulateWorld.

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